Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Haven

Hello Friends: Things are about to go all Xmas supernova here, so I should take this moment to remind you us that it doesn't matter if your quiche is too cooked in the crust and somewhat raw in the centre. Or if your parents are about to arrive in the midst of their (rather ill-timed, let's face it) mid-winter spiritual cleanse. No mind if you have 12 (or 50) unwrapped gifts. Don't even fuss if you need 12 gifts and you haven't a one.

I encourage a fire in the fireplace if possible. And some hot chocolate or egg nog (but homemade pls - that stuff from the grocery store is diabetes in carton!). You could always skip the nog in favour of the rum. How about some Xmas jazz on internet radio? Got dinner cooking? No? Then step out to your neighbourhood spot and let someone else do the cleaning up. Be sure to tip well!

Let's say you feel you've dropped the ball on home decorating. I bet you've got a local place that sells boughs and wreaths and greenery you can vase-up Noel-style in a jiffy.

No need to feel Xmas angst. Don't go all mid-winter miserable. Worst case scenario: all this insanity will be over in 3 days. And even if it's not your scene, don't they say a change is better than a rest?

I'll leave you with my final knitting project of 2011, a fantastic shawl, the Glen Haven (see Ravelry for more deets):

Have a wonderful next few days. I hope you have a chance to enjoy or reflect - or both! Here's to the days getting lighter. xoxo


  1. You're entirely right. I've been a bit frantic this last month, but now everything's slowed down. No last-minute sewing, either! Your shawl is beautiful. Happy holidays!

  2. Great advice, and I love! that wrap! Checking that out on Ravelry after Christmas, for sure!

    Now I've got to go move the unwrapped gifts off the dining table into whatever hiding spot I can find that will still allow me to wrap clandestinely later -- oldest daughter & family (Nola!!) arrive in minutes. Have a fab time with your loved ones -- savour! Merry Christmas!

  3. Diabetes in a carton... lol!
    You are a knitting wonder!
    Have a great holiday sweetie!

  4. You are so right my dear... the true spirit of Christmas....

    Oh but you are such a great knit maker!!! Love this piece!!!!

    Wishing you a Blessed Christmas with much Love, big hug and kisses.


  5. Merry Christmas, lovely Kristin! Enjoy the cocoa and/or the rum! I hope you wear that shawl while you are drinking your tasty, festive beverages, and I hope we can see each other in 2012!

  6. Excellent advice. That shawl is gorgeous. Finally, I hope you had a very, very merry Christmas.

  7. Uta: Thank you! Enjoy your time...

    F: It's not on Ravelry - insanely. You'll need to order it from the Knitting Room in Birmingham Michigan. They'll send you a paper copy?! It's crazy but a mark of how much I wanted this thing. Thank goodness I was able to do the forensics and find out where to purchase it...

    L: Esp. women :-)

    Stacy: You know it's true!

    Faye: Thank you!

    Seeker: I hope you are also having a wonderful holiday time xoxo

    R: Def. You must come back soon.

    Stacey: There were no matching jammies or a small horse pet, but we did alright :-)

  8. Those were good holiday tips.

    I love your last knitting project of 2011. It's beautiful work.

  9. Thanks E: I wear it constantly (like right now!)