Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

Alors, Twitter is down and I can't express my every mundane brilliant thought in that universe. Micro-blogging is SO not over.

In lieu of being able to share there, you will be treated (or should I say, tweeted) to a few of my deepest, end-of-year thoughts:
  • I haven't left the house since Dec. 23. Does that make me seem agoraphobic?
  • I'm seriously considering taking 3 weeks off every winter (this presumes I have a whack of vacation, but let's dream, shall we?) to get through the worst of the winter misery.
  • The more I sleep, the more I want to sleep. This is simply unproductive.
  • I have got to get a grip on food consumption. Fortunately, so does everyone else on the planet. Nothing like being in good company.
  • Y'all know I don't believe in resolutions. They're so resolute. (What's the fun in that?)
  • Having said that, I intend to take up a new "craft" today: figure sketching.
  • Note to self: See if you can convince FIT graduate and fashion designer extraordinaire Stacy Lomman to write a post on this.
  • I must have the ability to draw cute pics of myself wearing the adorable outfits I see on others or the things I come up with from my own imagination.
  • How bad can it be? You don't have to cut anything or rip anything out.
  • Famous first words.
At the risk of getting sentimental at the seasonally appropriate moment, I wish you all a better year in 2012 - regardless of how wonderful 2011 may (or may not) have been. Your readership is inexpressibly meaningful to me and forms a good part of my drive to document my crazy craft and life experiences.

To those of you who also blog - I learn practically everything I know of technique and knitting and sewing from you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The act of blogging is part vocation, part exhibitionism and part public service. If I have been able to give even the smallest part of what I have received, then I am doing good work.

Love, K


  1. Happy New Year to you too! I will be along for your creative ride in 2012 and I can't wait to see what you produce and to read the journey of how you get there!

    p.s. As for the agoraphobic thing, that's my best vacation, the one where I come indoors and close the door to the world outside! So no I don't think you're agoraphobic.

  2. we are mammals - there is an instinct to hibernate and that includes building up a bit of fat to get you through the winter. I'm trying not to think about how fit I get at my sister's house in australia over the last few christmas/newyears. Eating barbecued chicken with lettuce, mango and advocaco salad, swimming, walking around the lake...

    I'm too hyper to really stay in. Have to get out into what daylight there is every day to walk and exercise the chiltlins. Otherwise we would all be bouncing off the walls and probably trying to kill each other.

    I wish you a successful and happy 2012 K.

    xx and another xx


  3. Are you living inside my head? We are certainly thinking a lot of the same thoughts! You are not agoraphobic... I've met you! You're a social butterfly. It's nice to "hide" from the world every once in a while. People are irritating! You need a break.

    So excited for your figure sketching! Maybe I'll share a few of my new ones for Fall 2012 :-)

    Have a great NYE honey!

  4. So funny -- Paul and I went "in to town" on Thursday, and I realized it was the first time I'd been "off the island" for a week. Remember, it's a very small island with NO stores (there's a floating pub but that's closed these winter months, and we rarely go there anyway). Hibernation suits me well, as it does you.
    Much of that depends on Twitter, though, and I was dismayed (sounds more polite than "pissed off" -- which might be closer to the truth) when I was cut off from my on-line friends today.
    I'm so keen on your figure sketching. Really looking forward to this. Wish I could try this. . .

  5. Kristin, you give "exceeding glad" joy to persons like me and I thank you.

    Here's my New Year's link of gladness back to you, from a recent Handel choral piece.

    Think champagne!

  6. Carolyn: Thank you for corroborating my "holiday style" :-) I can't wait to see what 2012 brings either!

    Lisa: If I knew someone in Australia I would be seriously tempted to hop on a plane. Going to Bahamas gives you warmth, but you cannot duplicate the light patterns of spring and summer there at this time of year. PS: You are so right, but I can't help myself. I want to have my own couture fashion house that designs just for me. Sketching is de rigeur. :-)

    Stacy: Great minds... And I cannot wait to see what you have to tell us about fashion sketching.

    F: OK, seems my peeps like to stay inside, drink wine, read books, eschew bras (or is that just me), eat yummy food, and craft. It actually sounds good when you put it that way.

    Susan: Can't wait to go visit your link! Thanks for being such an engaged reader and commenter. It means so much to me. xo

  7. Part of me wishes I'd been more reclusive this holiday season because I might have been a little more productive and a little more refreshed, but I think I've left the house at some point every day except for Christmas Eve (taking the dog outside doesn't count). I don't sew -- I am thinking about taking up knitting again this year -- but I am always inspired by your projects and admire you as an artisan.

    Happy New Year, Kristin!

  8. R: I think, no matter the type of hol you have, when it's over, you imagine how you might have spent it differently :-) You have to take up knitting! Really, it's fun and portable! Can't wait to hear how you work it into your very busy life.

  9. Happy New Year!

    I hope it's going well.