Monday, October 18, 2010

Basket Case

Weird story: The other night, while wallowing in my pit of out-of-sortsness, I decided to check out Figleaves for the new arrivals. Secretly, I love to look through all the bras and undies and put them in my virtual basket - like whole batches of them - until my check out costs would be well over $400.00 (and that's with Figleaves discount pricing. I mean, in the stores here they would cost a grand). I never buy the lot. Sometimes I spend on one or two.

I must have spent 3 hours looking through at least a thousand bras. Oh, I found some good ones (which I'll save for "Yay or Nay" posts in the near future). Some of them were very dicey - they could be retro-great or just horrible (think Playtex). I will need your bloggy feedback prior to purchase.

Here's the thing: 3 hours into the faux-expenditure-racking, the contents of my freakin' basket just disappeared. Like poof. Hours of my reading dozens of reviews (secretly, I also love reading numerous reviews of bras I've never touched) and choosing colours and verifying sizes left in stock, I had a basket with 15 items and they all went up in smoke.

Can you imagine my response?? If it hadn't been 3 in the morning in the UK, I would have called them (on my own dime) to whine and complain. What a waste of my energy (such as it isn't).

But this morning, when I looked at my email, I had a strange message from Figleaves with the subject line "How can we help?" When I opened it, the contents said something to the effect of: We know you've been shopping and we see you have items in your basket. Is there any way we can work with you to expedite your money's departure from your bank account?

I've never received one of this sort of message before - and trust me, I've got them all. I clicked on my account (handily referred to within the body of the email) to see if, perhaps, my basket had been restored. Nope. Still empty.

So I've emailed them back to say (also paraphrased): Funny. I did have things in my basket but they're not there any longer and can you fix that cuz I wasted a crap load of time on virtual shopping and I do not intend to do that again anytime soon. Also, btw, how did you know to send me this email - today of all days? Has this same glitch just happened to, potentially, a zillion home shoppers and you're trying to figure out who's been affected while simultaneously doing some damage control?

On a side note: Do you know Figleaves sells a brand called Yes Master??! I spat my wine out when I saw it.


  1. THAT is super weird. Let us know how they respond.

  2. oooo...maybe they'll give you some free shit! Or a disgustingly high discount code.
    "Yes Master"? Seriously?

  3. I knew you would nail the button holes.

    So did Figleaves write back?

  4. Shame on Figleaves for losing the items in your cart and then asking you for money. "Yes master"? Um, I am guessing this is a very specialized line for a very specialized customer.;-)

  5. Were there any that promised to "Lift and separate"?

  6. Wendy: Ha! Only the ones by Yes Master...

    Susan: Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm not thrilled by them but they haven't ruined my coat, so that's progress :-)

    Thanks everyone for comments. They did write back saying (paraphrase): Thanks so much for telling us about this. It's because of commenters like you that we can improve our service. We're looking into it...

  7. Strange. Also, you've got ME addicted to that site - and I don't shop at all.

  8. What sizes do the Yes Master range come in? Could be for cross-dressing?

  9. S: Don't you think they should be paying me for that??

    Hammie: HA! I have to go back and check.