Sunday, October 24, 2010


I'm off again on another little trip for work so posting may be light on the ground for the next few days.

Since the Thanksgiving sew-free week, I've been really pushing on with this coat, i.e. the only thing I spend any quality time with. I'm not usually a week-day sewer. I will work 20 hours on any given weekend, and I'll read, shop, plan etc. from Monday to Friday, but I don't generally sew mid-week.

Having said this, once I overcame the "bound buttonhole bind", I was quite a few steps behind on the sew along and I've been really working to make up the lost time. In the last 8 days I've spent 40 hours on the freakin' coat. That's in addition to my day job (dare I say, my career), my marriage and my kid. Never mind the freakin' house which is no longer meeting my standards of organization...

I'm so fixated on finishing this thing. Outrageously - almost magic-realistically - after every detailed task, there's yet another detailed task. I can't yet see the end of it but I am committed. (Scott says I should be committed.)

I'll leave you with a few random thoughts about the project:
  • I have learned SO much it's insane.
  • I'm trying not to feel contemptuous of this garment at it demands my each waking moment, kind of like a new baby.
  • At least it doesn't cry.
  • I'm vaguely concerned it's going to be too large. I have to figure out a way to quantify fashion fabric ease (every fabric is unique) as it differs from muslin fabric ease (which is consistent and all but non existent). I'm beginning to think I just need to make every muslin (fitting first attempt) in the fashion fabric. Oh, but what a waste of money and beautiful fabric that might be...
  • Mind you, last time I was concerned a hand-made garment was too large, after a few wearings I realized that it was the perfect size...
  • I have to remember that I may hate this thing at first, being so up close to all of its "flaws". With time, however, I will grow to love it. (Cue hypnosis music.)
  • Gertie, an excellent sewist with a truly fascinating blog, is also an amazing technical writer who has managed to make a tremendously complex process knowable. The only reason I've been able to plug on (with all my lack of experience and insecurity) is because she brings forward the next step in the right order with great instruction. (I understand her next sew along will be a beginner-level one. If you have any interest in sewing - getting started or renewing your skills - sign yourself up when it starts. You will not regret it. Esp. since a beginner project could not possibly suck up all your life energy for 2 months.)
  • This long-term shit is tiring. I'm only taking on single-weekend projects for the foreseeable future.
  • My creaky, sewing body needs some yoga. Big time. I'm beginning to wonder if I have any core strength left and I'm only vaguely exaggerating.
  • I wonder if creating a coat is like having a baby, in that one is designed to forget the pain of labour once the new creature has arrived. Note: I have never forgotten the soul-shocking, mind-altering pain of labour (home birth, no drugs, peeps) and you would need to knock me out cold slash wake me when it's over if ever I were to have another kid (which I will not). So I really hope "having a coat" produces more effective post-arrival amnesia. Just saying...


  1. I adore this post. I love you aware you are of your process and how psychological this process has been for you.I wonder how it will feel to wear something that you put so much of yourself into. I would love to hear about that when the time comes.
    And, I love the "having a coat" concept. Hee-hee!!

  2. I look forward to reading more about what you have learned. Thanks for the tip about Gertie. In my dreams, when I can get to the next stage with my business plan, I can spend time sewing. Success for me will mean less time promoting and more time sewing.

  3. Ahh the trials of the epic project. I always hate most of my projects when I am done with them. Then I love them. I think you will be very proud and happy.

  4. Seriously, I want to ask what do you do with your child during all this wonderfully creative time?! I was able to read the Sunday Times today in relative peace, but true piecework (that requires real concentration) would be impossible . . .

  5. You're so brave. I really admire your sewing undertakings, K. :D

  6. Bel: Thank you! Right now I feel like I'm in "transition".

    Susan: I hope that promo is so successful that you have all the time you want to sew soon!

    Mardel: You were the one that made me understand that you need to give yourself space from the new objet, once complete. It's keeping me sane, actually.

    Miss C: You know, you have 3 little kiddies - which is like 5x the work of 1. Not that it's easy. I go for a combo of benign neglect and late nights :-)

    E: Thank you!! I hope this works out or I'll be a brave underachiever :-)