Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday Excursion

Yesterday I went out with my friends Rita and Jessica to the Windsor Arms* for tea. We had such a great time! Of course, it meant tearing myself away from the coat which is getting outrageously close to looking like a coat. But I was so happy, in the end, to be free of my sewga room enjoying great conversation and beautiful surroundings. (Note: I took photos and will post them soon.)

Afterward, I suggested we head into M0851, a Montreal-based store I've spoken about frequently. Lord, I love that place.

You know recently Kate has been talking about her latest "shopping consciousness" experiment. It involves "buying better", and by that I mean better quality. Somehow, every time Kate goes on a new plan, I get roped in!

Here's the thing. I don't really buy clothing anymore (I suspect you've noticed). I'm not saying I'm opposed to buying - if I need something, or want it tremendously, you know it's going to turn up in my wardrobe. I'm just having more fun spending money on stuff to make my own clothes.

As such, theoretically, that leaves me with a bit of disposable income to spend on luxury when I do buy. Enter my new wallet (with a surfeit of white space built in, apparently, which I can't be bothered to crop today...):
Secretly, it's one I've owned before. And I loved it till it gave up the ghost. See the buttery leather that is so soft it shows that ridge?? That really works for me. The website, on which you can order this, indicates it's a new item. Peeps, it's not a new item. Whatevs.

So I bought it, this Canadian-made item, from a gorgeous store, on a lovely day. It's something I needed, and wanted. I didn't wait for the sale. I decided to pay full price - something that allowed me to indulge my love of instant gratification and which makes me hope the boutique uses funds to pay its manufacturing force fairly. I can only imagine what went into making this thing. And I sure am glad it's mine.

*For such a chichi hotel that website sure does suck. Windsor Arms, join the modern era and fix that thing.


  1. I'm still recovering from wedding-planning. We thought a lot about buying with intention, voting with our money, stuff like that. We also remodeled our kitchen last year and tried to use the same principles. Supporting businesses we love and want in our neighborhood. Offsetting the never-ending big box purchases (hello, Ikea, I'm talking about you) with purchases at locally owned stores. Not buying junky stuff to get us by, but waiting to buy what we really want. Not participating in disposable culture (although I still over-buy cheap gross fabric! i have a PROBLEM!!) Yay for tea and new buttery wallets!

  2. I'm an M0851 fan as well; indeed, Kimberley, of the Vancouver store, recognizes me by name when I walk in (mind you, she's amazing and does that for many customers). Their large Knot bag (the one with the flap) is so perfectly designed for function that I'm sure its prototype was worn for months and tweaked 'til it was just right.
    This fall I decided I needed something a bit more briefcase-like (just a bit) and bought one of their Function bags -- I'm getting less and less willing, now, to break out any of my Fashion-y handbags 'cause these M0851 realize how much you give up for that look. And their Function is offered in beautiful, beautiful leather.
    I've also given my husband a larger Function bag that he uses for everything! and a small pouch-on-a-strap that we tease him about, his man-purse, but which is fabulously useful yet so unobtrusive.
    Whoops! some enthusiasm has obv. been unleashed here. I'm going on and on, aren't I?!
    Anyway, your new wallet looks wonderful. Enjoy!

  3. After years of bargain shopping and ending up with mostly junk which usually ended up in the landfill after a few wearings (not even good enough for Goodwill!)... I am finally getting better at "buying better."

    Sewing was a catalyst for me in a way, too. I got tired of putting work into things made out of cheap fabric that didn't last. So I limited myself to a few high-quality online fabric retailers, and I've never been happier with my purchases.

    This got me thinking about other things I purchase, and I'm now (very slowly) working to upgrade my RTW wardrobe and, hopefully someday soon, my home furnishings.

    I'm looking forward to reading Kate's blog. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sounds you had a great time. And you did it well doing a treat to yourself.


  5. Windsor Arms: 1997 called and they want their website back!

    I reckon you could bank the pleasure you got out of buying that wallet instantly. xx

  6. Beautiful things can change your whole outlook. Glad you had such a great day.

  7. Patty: Isn't it just normal to have a problem with fabric?? Your wedding and new kitchen are gorgeous in photos. I think you've spent very well!

    Mater: You see - we're coast-to-coast :-) I love all the bags. And the coats. And the slim knits. Oh, I could EASILY spend 2000 bucks in 30 minutes there.

    Ms. M: I really like to hear the stories of others. And I think you'll love Kate's blog. It's great!

    Seeker: A VERY worthy experience!

    Lisa: It's so true! Isn't that site a disaster. And the cheap room goes for 400 bucks a night!

    Thanks Stacey!

  8. Oh beauty and function married to make for sweet joys. It sounds like you had a lovely day.