Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gorgeous Lingerie I Own

This is yet another Freya set - the purchase of which had me swear off Secrets From Your Sister for the last time. (Note: I won't link to this boutique because, despite the owner's valiant efforts to bring gorgeous lingerie to TO women of all shapes, I think her client service policy sucks.)

Interesting fact: It's my only wireless bra - for obvious reasons :-) It does provide excellent support but soft bras will not "separate" breasts. Unless you don't have any boobs to speak of, the construction of a soft bra will preclude separation. It's the wire in the wired-bra bridge (leading up to the sternum) which provides that desirable action.

Personally, I don't like that smush-up breast cleavage effect, so it's not my fave for this reason. But I love that there's a chic and supportive non-underwire bra for large breasts.

I also LOVE the retro thing that's going on. Both the shape and the pattern remind me of a by-gone era. The shape is actually somewhat pointy - a look I do like a lot. It also pushes everything front and centre, so if you have a narrow back but large breasts, it's likely to give you a seemingly slimmer silhouette.

One other thing - the undies are tremendously flattering. Boyish, but girlie, all at the same time.

What do you think of wire-free bras? Love 'em? Feel they're better for breast tissue? Hate 'em?

Weird but potentially useful PS: This style comes in a nursing bra version, fyi, in a variety of different patterns. It's the same general shape, though higher cut in the cup and in the side band, and constructed with snap flaps for easy feeding. Intriguingly, this version doesn't get terrific reviews...


  1. So funny. I'm dying to smoosh my girls together. They're naturally quite separated!

  2. Very pretty! I don't do non-underwires anymore. Now that I wear the proper fitting underwire, I'm vastly more comfortable and supported.

  3. Hmm, I've never been comfortable in the non-underwire smooshy bras. But that one sure is pretty.

  4. Lovely undies! Alas, I have small breasts myself so can't comment on the separating.

  5. Ooo how pretty. They look so comfy, but sexy too!

  6. That's cute! I didn't even know they made non underwires for larger sizes. I might have to hunt one down to try it out. I love the Fantasie line and just bought one of their "Side support" bras...OMG, I'm in love. It actually brings the girls out from under your armpits and forward where they are supposed to be.

  7. You're funny.... gorgeous indeed.


  8. Gotta have wires! And I love that set. I have been wondering how Freya wears. I generally stick to Chantelle and Natori.

  9. I have a de-wired bra for flying as I'm always setting off the metal detector in Security. And it's awful. Would love a pretty boob squishier.

  10. Hey All: I can't believe how long it's taken me to respond to some of my fab commenters.

    Sal: We all want something :-)

    Monkey: :-)

    Heather: For the most part, I concur.

    Mardel: It's an occasional thing for me. Sometimes I get bored of the same old thing, even if it is best.

    Susan: The world of underwear is so much more varied for the small-breasted women!

    Sewn: They are comfy - but not as comfy as the wire re: smooshage :-)

    Kim: Freya and Fantasie really are miraculous brands!

    Seeker: Thanks!

    Denise: They wear FABULOUSLY! Don't hesitate to try.

    Lisa: How does that happen to you? I wear them all the time and I don't set off the alarms! :-)