Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wild Card

Really, what do you think of this bra:

Photo: Figleaves

I think I love it (not that it will look good on me, necessarily), but it sure as hell isn't modern. The Triumph Doreen, a timeless staple (war horse?), is constructed of more than 50 pieces.

Aren't you fascinated by the vertical pleat from the nipple line?

It's seriously Betty from Mad Men. Or maybe it's like something your grandmother wears??

I particularly love the long line version of this style but it doesn't seem to come in my size.

Does anyone own this? Do you think it's retro-fab? Be honest - do you loathe it? I wanna know.


  1. I think MrB would run away screaming ;-)

    It is VERY vintage.

  2. It looks like it means business. Hard to tell from looking whether it would be comfortable.

  3. Don't like. At all. Especially the circle seam thingy outlining each breast.

  4. The straps make me think straight jacket ties. Love the color, quality.

  5. Uh, to each their own??? I don't love it, and I definitely wouldn't wear it (because it looks uncomfortable as heck!), but everyone has different taste. I love the color though!

  6. I think you could totally pull it off. On me it would be frumpy, dumpy and grumpy. I think you have more retro-chic style than your average bra wearer.

  7. I like the old school look—for someone else. Not only could I never fill this out, I go for minimalism. But I appreciate it's aesthetic, and the construction is brilliant.


  8. I love it. I love a retro bra, the support the look it creates when you put your clothes on top. Perfect! xx

  9. My first, honest thought was two yarmulkes stitched on a bodice. I don't think that's positive . . .

  10. OK everyone. I'm loving your comments!

    Wendy: That seems to be the consensus among men :-)

    Deja: I know what you mean. It could be hideously hurty.

    Raven: That seems to be the prime complaint amongst those I've polled. Not popular design item.

    Lydia: The colour is fantastic. Usually it only comes in black, biege and white. This is a special edition. It's also out in "strawberry" right now. Which I LOVE. (Not in my size though.)

    CG: I hear you!

    Bel: What a diplomatic comment :-)

    E: First off, I'd know you anywhere. No need to put the enc signature on my comments! Secondly, I do think this kind of bra looks fantastic on the less endowed. It really gives shape! But I hear you. It's got to work for your own vision of style...

    Monkey: I KNEW you'd say that!!

    Kate: The first totally positive comment! I'm glad you agree with me :-) Seriously, I'm thrilled you see its potential because it's hard to know if I'm totally out to lunch...

    Miss C: HILARIOUS! OK, you have a point. (Get it??)

  11. Looks like the type of bra that would give fabulous support and shape meaning the garment you wore over it would look amazing and then you'd feel amazing and this is all good. Try it and see.

  12. 50+ pieces, huh? I'd love to see how it's constructed. At first site, I thought it was a bit ugly. I think it was the color, though. I do like vintage bras and this oneis growing on me (in a good way).

  13. I'm on the fence - it would be supportive that's for sure! I like the idea of it, but not sure it would be flattering. It looks a bit intense. And the straps are a bit thick. Ok, I'm thinking more 'no' thoughts than 'yes' thoughts. Still wanted to leave my two cents anyways!

  14. While everyone is posting kind of interesting comments, the darn thing is growing on me.

  15. Myrna: That's just my thought. I've put it in my basket. Still mulling...

    Heather: I like to think of it as jolie-laide - you know that french term for ugly/pretty...

    Tasia: The straps are the off putting part for me too. And the fact that it doesn't come with matching undies.

    Mardel: Ha!

  16. GAWD! I think there are aeroplanes with less aerodynamic engineering.

    NOPE! xx

  17. Lisa: Touche. Or maybe not with the feel of that fabric :-)