Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Of Children and House Plants

I've been trying to come up with something interesting to tell you. Of course, I just had a lovely weekend of many people in my home. There was some good food and good times. There were a few stressful moments. But it's not the kind of thing I feel compelled to rehash.

Then there's the coat project, which has stalled given the holiday weekend and guests and the fact that work has been so busy etc. I hate - no, fear - the loss of momentum. My whole life is in service of keeping on so that I don't simply opt to sit on a couch, eating chips, forever. Not such a rockin' topic.

I'm usually inspired by gorgeous rooms and gadgets, but today even that seems unappealing.

In short, I'm a meh mess.

I can't tell you how wretched I feel about being uninspired. I love being intrigued by things and sharing with you all the things that have intrigued me.

Right now I'm just trying to finish up enough work to be able to leave the office early so that I can go and municipally vote (advance polls) because I'll be away for work next week on election day. Then I've got to buy more hair canvas interfacing at the inconvenient store i.e. the only one that sells it, cuz I ran out of the original batch (could that be more boring??). Then it's home to eat holiday food leftovers while monitoring the kid's French homework (which she's been slacking off on, so says her teacher who sent a note home). Remember how homework flies in this household??

I suppose I should be grateful that I don't have a headache.

Today's question is this: What's your take on responsibility? Do you love it for the structure it provides? Does it give you context? Hate it? Crave it then loathe it? (I'm kind of in that camp.) Please share your thoughts.


  1. Just like you. Crave then loathe.

    I'm sure inspiration will find you again. So sorry you've hit a slump.

  2. Actually, you've inspired me to get back into sewing! Over the weekend, I did a final post here explaining that we're essentially closing my previous biz to focus on the Gray Kitty story Apps and eventually merchandising homemade crafts based on the characters. We set the Apps free on iPhone/iPad and Droid but plan to design our own ads in the Apps linking to our Etzy store to purchase story related merchandise like these cute fleece mouse slippers that except ours would be Gray Kitty slippers :-).

    It's all very pie in the sky at the moment, but your posts made me realize how much I miss sewing and how much I would rather work on the stories and sewing projects than anything else.

  3. I grapple with this regularly -- when there are things I'm fired up about blogging, there's rarely time enough to post, and then are the periods with little inspiration.
    As well, with my husband testing out retirement (he's likely to take on consulting contracts, but for now he's free, 24/7!), that lifestyle begins to look very appealing to me. Yet I know that I would miss the structure, identity, stimulation, collegiality, not to mention paycheque that my current work environment provides.

    As for your fears of boring us, it's not going to happen. Even when you write about having nothing to write about, you do it entertainingly -- and sincerely. Give yourself permission to have less interesting, even non-posting days -- we do!

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with structure!

  5. Sal: Glad to know I'm in good company!

    Susan: What a thrilling transition! Good for you!!

    mater: What a sweet comment. I don't know how I'd manage a retired husband. The jealousy would be steep.

    Wendy: It's a bitch, huh? (Albeit a necessary one...)