Friday, October 1, 2010

Award Post

The lovely and talented Victoria nominated me for this delightful award:

While I am honoured to be presented with any assertion of beauty or blogging or winning, I'm am terrible at following the rules.

First, I am to tell you 10 things about me. Truly, I don't know that there's anything left for me to make you aware of after 3 years of daily ramblings about about moi, moi, moi, but (natch) I'll give it a shot:

  • I love salty and sweet tastes mixed together in the same food. I don't care if that food is primarily salty, or predominantly sweet, I just like the tastes to merge.
  • If you add cream to the equation, I like it even more.
  • Having said this, I love coconut milk in sweet foods, but not in salty foods. (I know, there I go contradicting points one and two, but I'm capricious.)
  • I'm on this whole chilled red wine kick, since I experienced this. I know it seems very 1986, but don't knock it till you try it. (Note: Only chill new world grapes or it's gross...)
  • Until last week, I'd had a headache (more or less constantly) for 3 months. I did not believe it was being caused by salt, sugar or booze but I may have been wrong.
  • Under advice of naturopath I've cut back on all three (but namely the sugar), and I'm amazed by how quickly said headache has abated.
  • That sucks given that I really like sugar (though I know that shit will kill you), though not feeling constant pain has its up side.
  • My husband and child have the same last name as a reasonably successful high-end diffusion-label designer. As yet, my last name is not associated with successful diffusion design :-)
  • Having learned to sew (one of my proudest and most meaningful accomplishments to date), I am interested in learning how to do my own home renovations.
  • Alas, given that whole time issue, it doesn't seem likely to take hold in the foreseeable future. Note: I do hope I get there eventually!

Then I'm supposed to pass this along... I cannot choose between the numerous beautiful blogs I read each day. So please, if this meme interests you, feel free to provide your info in comments - or set up your own post and let us know it's there!

PS: Happy Birthday Jennifer! I know you're in for a fabulous decade. xo


  1. A 3 month headache???? Holy cats! That is crazy bad. That is the kind of bad that would make me give up anything to get rid of it.
    p.s. Keep your name so when you have your own line there will be no confusion.

  2. I am glad you're feeling better. The headache sounds awful. I love this blog.

  3. I'm into the chilled red wine idea.

  4. very nice to learn more about you!

    and a headache for 3 months?! the horror! you have topped my record! i have had headaches for up to 10 days, and it is miserable. it puts me in tears and makes me desperate to escape. salt DEFINITELY worsens headaches for me, and so does alcohol. especially if a headache is already on the scene. they just exacerbate the matter and the pain and the duration of it all.

    anywhoo, i have a long list of remedies for headaches that help me. i am guessing you do too! hahahah

    hope you have a fab weekend!

  5. Fun to learn more about you, and I agree with Victoria that you deserve a Beautiful Blogger award -- congrats!

    And having watched the way you took on sewing, I have no doubt that if you're interested in doing your own home renos someday, home renos you will do . . . and well!

  6. Thanks for accepting your well deserved award and for sharing some things about yourself. I understand what you mean about the sugar. I'm on a similar restriction and am amazed at how much better I feel when I limit it. Thanks again for sharing:)

  7. Bel: Gonna keep it till it's a household name too :-)

    Susan: The headache is abating. Thank you for your lovely comments!!

    Wendy: We have excellent taste.

    Janelle: If salt worsened my headaches there would be no hope for me because I am an ADDICT! :-)

    mater: Thank you! Do you want to reno your place when you retire?

    Victoria: Thanks to you for this fun opportunity to prattle on about my weird habits :-) I do feel better off the sugar but it's a tough way to go...