Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Stash

This arrived in the mail for me yesterday:

It's my latest batch of lingerie loot from Bra-Maker's Supply and ELingeriA (that's where the pattern is from). Note: I ordered one more bra pattern from ELingeriA, on back order, and the Kwik Sew 2100 undies pattern.

You can only assume I'm a total idiot for having spent a hideous amount of money - and, trust me, it was hideous, on supplies to make a garment which I've tried (and failed) at twice. At this rate, it would be cheaper to go and buy a Freya set and call it a day.

But I will not be daunted.

Nothing like having adequate supplies and patterns to give it another go when the inspiration strikes.

PS: Note that I have set myself a "no frittering challenge" which started Jan. 1 and will end April 1. The ban, such as it is, does not include sewing supplies, natch, or I would have had to break it 63 times so far. Truthfully, I don't really see the need to start clothing shopping even after April. I mean, I have as many clothes as I can bring myself to make - which is quite a few. Sewing goddess willing, pretty soon I'll be liberated even from the need to purchase sexy, structural bras and undies.

I spend as much as or (frankly, probably) more on fabric, patterns and notions as I ever did on RTW items. Of course, as I improve at sewing and figure out how to minimize the costs, the price of sewing will decrease substantively. Not the labour, mind you, but the cost of fixed variables. The day you go out and buy $150.00 on fabric(?!) (i.e. clothing before it becomes clothing) is really a trip. It's an extremely hopeful action.

Or crazy. :-)


  1. wow I am impressed and dying to see the end result. I don't think you're crazy...yet ;-)

  2. What a buy! you are going to crack this. You are a better person than me. It will feel wonderful when you do, don't forget think tighter. When you measure yourself around the back and front of chest make sure measuring tape is tight as - you have to remember there is stretch in the band. I'm sure you know this by now.

    You will be much happier making your own items with occasional supplements. You are nearly almost officially a dressmaker!!

  3. La Mystere, Chantal and La Perla are likely reading your blog and plan to offer you a job as head designer once you have created your lingerie line. Don't say I didn't warn you.

  4. I believe you to be both brave and crazy. And look forward to hearing how this experiment turns out.

  5. I admire your mad lingerie making skills. ;o)

  6. This is so exciting!! You're gonna be a pro in no time :-) Have fun.

  7. Christina: Smart to reserve judgment! :-)

    Kate: I'm on it with the tighter band. I totally agree that that's where you get the support in a bra. I'm working on it!

    Bel: You are so delightfully on my side! I love it. Thank you.xo

    Sal: I think you're right on. I am brave and crazy. Let's see if it plays.

    Monkey: I'm glad to know it doesn't bore you to tears...

    Stacy: I really hope it doesn't keep on too long with the failures - I mean developmental opps. :-)

  8. I admire your tenacity, drive, and your investment of financial resources (smile) to embark on this project. I can't wait to see the end results.

  9. Victoria: Thank you so much. Your own blog has been very inspiring. I hope to have something to show for this sooner or later :-)