Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not Mine Either, But it Should Be...

The incomparable Drollgirl recently profiled one of the most gorgeous California mid-century specimens that I have seen in a LONG time.

I will be utterly shocked if this doesn't thrill you.

Oh, look, it's a pool!

So, watcha think??


  1. Gangway, I'm moving in right now.

  2. OMG that is fabulous. I'll be there tomorrow.

  3. Oh my.

    My house seems so lame by comparison.

  4. My next home will be like this. No more Victorian, thank you . . .

  5. LOVE it K, this is my Style... BTW.. can you believe it coasts us over 2 grand for a full size dishwasher??? WHAT>>>>> We have half-sizes here in Japan... sorry off topic..

  6. you have fab taste, just like ME! and thank you so much for linking to me. i am thrilled that you love this place as much as i do. i wish we could take turns living there!

  7. lol to your commentary!! ...It TOTALLY thrills me. so fab.

  8. E: It's probably down the block from you :-)

    Wendy: But could you leave NY??

    Mardel: I'm loving your photo!

    Kate: Isn't it perfect?

    Scarlett: Oh, I know that feeling...

    Miss C: Next time I'm going ultra modern too.

    April: I can't believe that!? We need a new dishwasher. We're just waiting for the one we have currently to get to a critical mass of crappy job :-)

    J: Don't you think it's big enough that we could share it as our weekend home ??

    M: :-)

    Bel: I know the pool always sells me :-)...

    Ambika: ...And the built ins...

  9. I think I could handle living there. :D