Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Floral Geometry

This is SO not my style, but I love it nonetheless:

Photo courtesy of desire to inspire

And you?


  1. i kind of love it in an alice-in-wonderland kind of way. like a liberty print for the halls!

  2. Mine either, and me too.

  3. Not my style at all, but would love to stay in a country hotel styled like this.

  4. I like it except for the wallpaper but then it is beguiling.

    As far carrying on the no fritter. Yep I'll keep going. I'll still have no money and not spending to become solvent again is more compelling than new clothes xx

  5. Holy wow, the opening for the stair case, regardless of the wallpaper, is amazing. The modern, geometric look of it is certainly unexpected with the floral, but I could definitely see incorporating it with a sleeker wallpaper or simple paint.

  6. Love he space itself, the floors and the staircase. To my eye the wallpaper adds clutter.

  7. No. Can't get over the ugly wallpaper. But I like the floor.

  8. Sophie: It is like a Liberty print!

    Sal: We're so of one mind :-)

    Sigrid: I totally agree!

    Monkey: You keep it real, man. I don't think any self respecting (straight / non interior designer) guy can get with this :-)

    Kate: Yay - we'll keep it up. Let's decide if there's any kind of splurge (if the money is there) at some point over the next 3 months i.e. if we find a bit of money we want to spend, we can take any shot once over the next 3 months? Thoughts? (Not trying to make it "rules"y, just fun.)

    Ambika: It has so much scope, yes? I do love the floor.

    Mardel: To me, it's like one of those wacky pattern mixing outfits :-)

    Raven: I do like the floor - but the pretty floral of the wallpaper also appeals to me.

  9. OMG. Sorry, I don't have the words... it's great. So great that all I can come up with is OMG.

  10. Wendy: You have great taste :-)

    Fab: It's quite British looking, IMO.

    Stacy: I accept that.