Monday, March 22, 2010

From Muslin to Reality

I appear to love crafting things in navy blue, which is just fine if you see my handmade items up close and personal, but it's challenging to see the nuance in photographs.

Here's the finished Vogue8640 jacket:

Yes, that is my own little label!

The lining freaked me out, but it was not so difficult - I mean, not compared to figuring out how to slip stitch aka blind hem aka "thing I had to read 3 books and watch 2 videos to learn". Note: Slip stitching isn't that hard (all things considered) either. But man, did I have a mental block!

It hangs very chicly, I think, although it does look a bit shapeless in this post.

I have a "matching" skirt, made in the same fabric. I do intend to model this with jeans and the skirt and whatever else I come up with. Just need some time to take the pics.


  1. Honestly it looks fabulous am so impressed at your endeavours. They are perfect and love your label!

  2. Oh, your slip stitching experience reminds me of mine. I couldn't find videos for it two years ago! I couldn't wrap my head around it for the longest time.

  3. It looks so well done! I can't wait to see how it looks on, but I already love the shape and silhouette.

  4. Yes please model-- it looks fabulous! At first glance I thought it was black, so you are right about the nuances!

  5. Oh, NICE. I can't wait to see it on you.

  6. You're moving right along! I love this!

  7. It looks great! I picked the pattern up this past week after seeing your posts. I hope mine turns out as nice as yours. :)

  8. It looks MARVELOUS, K! Still so impressed with your seamstress skillz.

  9. Kate: Isn't the label fun?! Thank you so much...

    Anabela: It's hard to figure that hand sewing shit out :-) Thanks for corroborating my experience. And thanks for your nice comment.

    Christina: Thank you! I will model it soon.

    Orchids: Thank you. You should make one :-)

    Mardel: Thanks! I feel, with this garment, it shows how much I've learned...

    Tessa: Merci, photos to follow.

    E: Thank you. It's coming...

    Belle: Merci!

    Andrea: I'm sure it will be at least as nice as this. I used a med weight wool so you don't have to listen (to the letter of the law) to the fabric suggestions the pattern offers.

    Sal: Thank you. I love having skills with a zed :-)

  10. So cute! You are too talented.

  11. Very lovely jacket--can't wait to see you in it!!!

  12. OMG I am in love with this. You must post pics with it on ASAP!

  13. Wow! ... the jacket looks great... you have a great talent!

  14. I just love it K.. I can not wait to see you wear it.. PLEASE.. take some pictures..

  15. Great job! Nothing ever looks its best on a hanger - that's why stores have mannequins :-)

  16. Shallow: Thanks!

    Wendy and Janet: Isn't it fun? I may come up with more labels i.e. my diffusion line :-)

    Alec: Thank you! I'm actually more lucky than talented. And I chose an Easy pattern.

    Victoria: Thanks! I have to get around to taking some pics...

    Sewn: I love your enthusiasm! You could do this jacket easily - I mean, you've already tackled much more fitted and challenging patterns.

    Sophia: Thank you so much!

    April: Merci! And I will take pics. I promise...

    Stacy: It's so true! Yet another reason I need a dress form :-) Thanksxo

  17. Monkey: Somehow I missed you. Thanks for your comment and for your tag the other day.

  18. Fantastic, well done! so proud of you! I want one!

  19. Gorgeous work! The lining is lovely as well. What type of fabric did you use? It drapes beautifully!


  20. it looks lovely to me! i can't wait to see it on!

  21. Absolutely gorgeous!! You must model it, please! Then, will you take orders? I would love a jacket like this.

  22. So so impressed!! Lovely jacket!

  23. You did such a good job. Pat yourself on the back.

  24. Frankly, it look good K. =D I admire you for creating this gorgeous. And can't wait to see you wearing it. =D

    The Brown Mestizo

  25. It looks really fantastic! I'm loving your label!

  26. It looks amazing, and I love that you have a label!

  27. Fab: Thank you!

    Kirie: I used a mid-weight wool. It wasn't the suggested fabric, but I felt it would work because it had a lot of movement.

    J: It takes me so long to get my act in gear and take those photos...

    Bel: I need some more time to improve my stitches, but I'll let you know when I get there! Thank you for being willing to be my guinea pig!

    Reena: Thanks!

    E8: Thanks! I will :-)

    Jules: Thank you!

    Dora: Thanks!

    -h: Every girl needs a label :-)

  28. Amazing work! Have you modelled it yet? Have I missed it? I want to see it on! Gimmegimmegimme!