Monday, March 8, 2010

Oliver Twist

You know Spring is right around the corner (ok, unless you live south or in another hemisphere). But that still leaves enough of us looking for ways to spice up our wardrobes after a bleary winter of muted tones and being bundled.

Which is why I hope you're going to love a little treat: stylish, flattering, versatile clothing on special sale just cuz you know me!

Well, Isabella Oliver has a little something to do with it :-)

The lovely people in PR have offered us all an opportunity to save 15% on any order* - and that includes maternity wear! - anywhere they ship (which is most everywhere, I believe) between today and March 19. (Note: Canadians - IO pays the duty! It's in big, happy writing in the banner. And US customers get free shipping for orders over $89.00, AU/NZ customers get free shipping on orders over $99.00.)

There are some great spring basics you might be needing. Basics in sassy colours that cheer me up...

A few of my faves:

The dresses are made of beautiful stretch jersey. You may recall, I wore one recently.

Here's how it works:
  • Shop online to your heart's content. Include daydreaming about events the outfits might take you to.
  • Enjoy the excellent website.
  • Use the code "line4line" when you check out with tons of new things.
  • Definitely let me know when you buy something because I want to live vicariously (technically, this is optional).
*Offer ends Monday 19th March and is not valid with any other offer, promotional code or non-Isabella Oliver branded goods.


  1. You are so very thoughtful to finagle a discount for us. Love that wrap dress. What kind of weight is the jersey? I ask because I live in dread of overly thin and unforgiving jersey.

  2. Hang on. Why is spring not right around the corner for those of us in the south? Do you know something we don't? Are we not getting spring this year?

  3. Their maternity stuff is gorgeous!!

    PS I owe you an email w/an attachment. I'm working up my courage ;-)

  4. Bel: You know, I'm going to put that question to Lucy (my PR contact). I'm not sure if the spring weight stuff is less structured than the microfibre I got. Now the one I have is very flattering, so I was told, but I don't know how much it sucks one in. People say I look slender in it, but I do feel very noticeable in that dress - of course it's a bit sheeny and it's toga inspired! I think the wrap will be more demure.

    Sal: Oh, now the shoe's on the other foot :-)

    Monkey: I meant spring was already upon you! (Of course, I was just guessing.)

    Stacey: Take your time. I'm here when you're ready...