Thursday, March 4, 2010

Springtime on a Dress

Thanks to Erin at A Dress A Day, I have had the pleasure of imagining myself walking the sun-dappled streets of Rome (on my way to an inexplicably delicious meal including copious amounts of affordable, yet superior, red wine) in this gorgeous vintage number, available here:

In addition to being crepe, appliqued and navy - 3 of my fave attributes! - it's also a size large, which is rare (as we know) with the vintage finds.

If the measurements accord, then snap it up. It's a beautiful piece of living history.


  1. oh wow!! what an amazing vintage find. i would wear this with floral print oxfords and a jaunty little hat...maybe i'm unconsciously being influenced by Alice in Wonderland these days! ;)

  2. Dangit, I missed the dress! And it would've fit me, too!

  3. The flowers with the colour are such a nice combo. If it was pink or another more femme colour I don't think I would like it as much.

  4. Sophie: Love that!

    Sal: I think the shape of the dress is perfect for you. So elegant.

    Wendy: Ain't it?

    Fab: I wish I could say I'd made it myself :-)

    Bel: Secretly, my fave neutral is navy. Everything looks great in it.

    Solo: Thanks!