Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Miss Montreal

Photo courtesy of Spacing Montreal


  1. oh! love those colors...i've never been, it's on my shortlist of weekend getaway spots when it warms up ;)

  2. Oh so pretty! I would love to live on a street like that. Obviously I have conflicting style sensibilities.

  3. I do too and I have never been there. Did you see "Away we go"? My favorite part of the movie was in Montreal(except the sad bits). If I were them I would have moved there. Gorgeous architecture.

  4. Awh cute houses. I've never seen it without snow!

    PS if your husband bought them they were a gift!

  5. I love Montreal! Haven't been there in several years :(

  6. I've never been, but it's at the top of my list!

  7. That's enough to make me miss Montreal, and I've only been there once!

  8. I'm from Montreal and I miss TO =D!

  9. Who wouldn't miss these incredible row houses?

  10. oh! it makes me want to visit! how cute!

  11. Sophie: Gotta get there! It's worth it.

    Mardel: You are just very open to lots of beauty!

    Rita: Thanks!

    Bel: I loved that movie. Wasn't Maggie G SO disturbing in the most hilarious way? I found the Mtl. part most affecting and very hard to handle.

    Kate: OK, they were a gift :-)

    Stacy and Wendy: We have to go together! Girlz weekend. I know all the cool stuff :-)

    Dora: It's practically your city what with your husband's provenance!

    Stacey: It's so great. And it loves young families.

    Thanks Solo.

    Saturn: You are a NUT! :-) I guess everyone misses some place.

    E: Do you have row houses in Cali?

    Maegan: You and your cutie husband would have a romantic time!

  12. i have never been! but i am LOVING the look of it if this picture is any indication of what it is like there!!!