Saturday, March 20, 2010

Monkey Business

My great blogger friend Dr. Monkey tagged me with this fun award:

The rule is that I have to tell you 7 things about me:

  • The only blood relative I have in Canada is my daughter.
  • I am Canadian by choice (and good fortune). I have dual citizenship US/Can.
  • My father is also a dual citizen. None of my other relatives is.
  • I don't like talking about the personal experiences of my past.
  • Having said that, I threw up practically every day for 7 months when I was pregnant.
  • It was utterly depressing and, by the end of my pregnancy, I was convinced I'd be consigned to nausea evermore.
  • Remarkably, 5 minutes after my baby was born, the wretch-y sick feeling entirely disappeared.*
I'm terrible at passing these tags along - almost as bad as I am at recognizing them. But I offer this award to all of my blogger friends. Please, if you like, give this a go. I'd love to read 7 interesting things about you.

* Admittedly, not my most cheerful 7 facts...


  1. sister was lucky, no queasiness while pregnant!

  2. Oh, you poor thing... sounds like you had a rough pregnancy. OK, I will try this... 7 things about me...

    -I'm Amish. Kidding! I did grow up about 1/2 hr. from Lancaster.
    -I was part of a theatre group in NYC for 5 yrs.
    -I taught Spinning for 7
    -I envied my mom's bikini body all my life. Still do.
    -My sister is a genius.
    -I played drums for 3 months!
    -I have a phobia of worms.

  3. OH I wish we cold have dual here in Japan, once you go Japanese, that's it.... even the kids that are born here with one of the parents being from another country have to choose when they become an adult at age 20.

  4. Since we've chatted, I know you've glossed over a lot in that "after my baby was born" statement. Nausea for seven months is just wrong.

  5. I was only sick with one pregnancy and luckily it was only for the first three months - poor you!

  6. I threw up a lot for both pregnancies. But I also lay on a couch like a victorian heroine and ate saltine crackers and sipped soda water. I think some women create a lovely nest in their body that is just a part of them for 9 months, and for the rest of us it is like an alien invasion.


  7. Wendy: And then she went back to her slim pre-pregnancy self in 5 minutes! She is blessed :-)

    Stacy: Now I know how you have those buff arms :-) Love those 7 things.

    April: I didn't know. That's really restrictive...

    Stacey: Well, you do know the long version :-) And nausea for 7 months was really horrendously depressing. I remember it well to this day.

    Fab: Those are great odds. You obviously suit motherhood :-)

    Hammie: You so GET me! Alien invasion just sums it up. I should have been a better Victorian.

  8. Alien invasion is an apt description. I threw up every day for the first 5 months, both times. Reason enough to stop at two!

  9. Janet: Isn't it?! It's hard to function when you feel that sick.