Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's Not Vintage if You Were There The First Time

I realize I profile a reasonable amount of 70s design (clothing, interiors, furniture, art etc.). In light of this, you might think I'm a lover of that decade from way back, but it's really not the case.

I was born in 1970. I mean, I lived through that decade and it was drab. I've seen my share of avocado kitchens. I'm burnt out on burnt orange. I remember eating from a dining room table 2 feet off the floor on mustard-coloured, tassel-bearing, caster-having cushions?!?! What? It's was "oriental".

I don't love the 70s I remember. I love the uber-chic 70s that were going on in Scandinavia.

To wit:

Photos courtesy of Design Sponge

Seriously, the best things about this era were the saunas and fondue.

PS: I do realize they didn't have microwaves in the 70s...


  1. oh yes, i was a child of the 70's too :)

  2. you're kidding about the microwaves, right? 'cause I clearly remember being confined to the living-room whenever my MIL used hers, for fear that the dangerous "rays" might harm my still-in-utero babe! '76, that was, but Mom was always an early adopter. Every colour that ever was "done" in the 70s, a room of hers was that colour. . .

  3. That apt. reminds me of the one where Mr C and I stayed for Christmas in Iceland.

  4. High unemployment, crashing economy,low dollar, it feels like we are having a 70s revival right now.

  5. OMG, I'm laughing sooo hard! We had the avocado accents in the kitchen, not to mention a burnt orange double seat, leather rocker chair. Hiliarious. I gotta dig out some photos to share...

  6. I lived through all that, too! But I had a four-year head start. So I got to see my mother re-do our kitchen herself with wacky wallpaper and chrome yellow paint. Ahhhh, the '70s. I still have my '70s bedside lamp!

  7. Well, I was in high school and college then but I remember them well, mostly with dread. I'm even burnt out on the Scandinavian '70s thing, but that could be because my spouse, and therefore parts of my house, are still clinging desperately to that look.

    Oh, I don't object to individual pieces, just living with the whole look, probably to living with any particular "packaged look".

  8. Pink: Fun times, no?

    mater: I should have clarified. I know they had them, but we (in my luddite family) considered them to be a) incredibly avant garde and b) entirely toxically dangerous. We didn't join till mid-80s!

    Miss C: I want to go to Iceland.

    Belle: Hilarious!

    Stacy: I wanna see 'em.

    Enc: You are so ahead of the curve :-)

    Jules: Here's hoping you were at least born in the 80s. Or I'm going to feel very old.

    Mardel: It's all about context, don't you agree?