Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Don't Do Us Any Favours. (Really.)

(Wow, it's amazing how inaccurately graphics copy sometimes...)

You should check out the shipping regulations. They're like something out of first year biochemistry.

PS: If I want to spend a zillion dollars online, there are easier ways to do it.

Love, K


  1. - $25.50 for standard delivery on a <$25 item. nice.

    - "Some items require Fish & Wildlife declaration documents to export to Canada. The cost of filing this documentation is $55.00 and will be added to your order total. Fish & Wildlife declaration document fee is non-refundable unless merchandise is defective. Please allow an additional 1-3 days for delivery." um, wow.

    I give up on trying to read the rest of their shipping policy.

  2. When the shipping cost exceeds the cost of the item, it usually is a good idea to back away, as quickly as possible.

  3. NM is expensive enough without shipping costs. I once was on the verge of placing an order with the Sundance catalogue (cool jewelry), but the shipping charge lost them my business. So, in the spirit of the 1980s, "just say 'no' to NM."

  4. Well, there's a reason they've been freighted with the mocking moniker "Needless Markup" for eons, and this only serves to reinforce the idea.

  5. Y: I know, isn't it rich?! You can buy jeans at F21 for the shipping costs.

    Jill: Just don't buy a 12.00 smoked salmon or it'll cost you 100.00 minimum (including GST) :-)

    Miss C: I had no idea it was so expensive there. I'm sure I've been to the store when visiting my family, but obviously I wasn't seriously considering spending my money there.

    Enc: That's hilarious. Who knew. They are so dead to me.