Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Everyone's A Critic

When my husband (jokingly) told me I looked like a desperate housewife in this new vintage dress/belt/shoes combo, I don't think he meant Eva Longoria...

To wit: this is the look on my face when he uttered the phrase "soccer mom who hasn't been out on a date in a while"

But here's the thing: Every stylish woman is a risk-taker - if only inasmuch as she puts herself out there, observably, for the enjoyment/intrigue/inevitable scrutiny of others. She's not hiding behind a lack of confidence. Au contraire, she projects her imagination, her awareness, onto the canvas of her body. Which is what draws us to her, size and shape and look notwithstanding. She says: Take it or leave it. This is beauty as far as I'm concerned.

Poor old Scottie got quite a dressing-down (no pun intended) and now he's very much looking forward to seeing me wear this and going out for dinner - the first one in a while, I might add - at our earliest opportunity :-)

This concludes today's public service announcement.


  1. It sounds like Scott needs to take you on that dinner date. Somehow, it's got to be HIS fault that you're a "soccer mom who hasn't been on a date for awhile." ;)

  2. No way is he getting away with that! Banish him I say! To the dog house! Haha, I think you look great.

  3. Oh what a beautiful dress. I really adore the color.

  4. Thank you for the nice comment:)

    I love your dress,
    lovely outfit!! =)

    Have a nice day you!


  5. Enc: Don't you know it. Gotta say men are nervy!

    Jill: I know he was just joking, but he will suffer for it :-)

    Nadine: As always, thanks. You really know your way around colour!

    Regine: I'm so glad I recently discovered your blog(s). I think they're great. BTW: Will be tagging you to do a meme today or tomorrow...

  6. the dress is beautiful, I hope your husband meant the "Desperate Housewives" in a good way, I wouldn't like it if my bf would compare me with them. Just because I don't like their style :P

  7. You look so cute K.Line! Can't please those men everytime, but you surely look adorable to me :)

  8. Men may mean well, but they don't get it. The purple rocks.

  9. The way you prefaced your last photo was pure, perfect comic timing. (Personally, I wouldn't have thought anything of that photo if you hadn't said otherwise.) I'm with you all the way on your final message.

    "Take it or leave it. This is beauty as far as I'm concerned."

    All others be darned!

  10. F: I really don't like their style either. So there is no good way, IMO (though I wouldn't mind looking like Eva L)

    Ladybird: Thank you. It's much more important to look good for the fashion bloggers!

    Thanks WendyB and Miss C.

    Dreamecho: Thanks for the comment about the comedic timing. I was going for that and you always seem to catch the nuance. So appreciated!

  11. You look lovely!
    Definitely not like the soccer moms I know.

  12. I liked your shoes here a lot and they inspired a shoe buy of my own. I've been going a bit mad lately, you see. . . every time I sign on facebook, it would seem someone I know is getting married, pregnant or signing a lease. And so for everyone one of those, I buy myself a pair a shoes (mostly cheap ones). . .yeah, I know I've got a problem. . .

  13. Thanks IHeart. You know, I even know some gorgeous moms whose kids do soccer. There's just something about that term that really puts me off!

    E: That's the kind of "problem" I can totally relate to. Cannot wait to see what they look like. You should do a shoe-themed post, for sure. K

  14. Love your dress-I think sometimes men don't always 'get' vintage, like women do!

  15. You look fabulous! Love the dress.

  16. Thank you Sharon! Sometimes men don't get anything that isn't short and tight :-)

    Thanks Ambika. Love your new lipstick...

  17. Stephanie: Thanks so much for your lovely comment! K