Friday, April 18, 2008

What I Wore Today...

Today, my friends, I really had it together. (Well, if I really, really had it together I’d be posting a picture, but that’s just not feasible on a workday so you’re going to have to take my word for it).

It’s not like I woke up knowing what I was going to wear – often I do but the weather right now is in flux and (joy/gasp/puppies and kittens) it was gorgeous sunny and 21 degrees celsius like a dream! I had to decide on the fly cuz I was running late…

The Look:

  • Grey Generra cap-sleeved a-line trapeze dress – in three-season wool tweed – very Jackie Kennedy
  • Black Mexx shrunken slim cardigan, 3-quarter sleeve
  • Black Franco Sarto knee-high boots (in pleather), 1 inch stacked heel
  • Multicoloured spring-toned, blue/green silk scarf with pear pattern bought 10 years ago by my husband, tied in a prim but voluminous bow
  • Slim belt, from where I can’t remember, worn over the cardi, somewhere between the waist and the bust (This made the dress that much shorter – 3 inches above the knee.)
  • Fitted mid-blue denim jacket, Jacob (Unnecessary, turns out, as the day wore on…)

It was very “1976: Meet 2008.” And the people responded!

Ladies in the elevator pointed at me when they thought I wasn’t looking. Adorable well-dressed, metrosexuals checked me out indiscreetly. School girls in uniforms looked bitchily envious. Workmates advised it was a good look. My husband said it was sexy, even though he generally defines my outfits as “entirely way too much clothing”. I felt chicly comfortable in the event that anything might occur: impromptu meeting (check), sitting on park bench eating salad, reading magazine (check), walking to-and-from work (check).

OK, maybe I’ve been rendered stupidly up-with-me by the stunning weather today. (We Canadian girls do what we must.) But you have to appreciate a well-styled, beautiful moment in time. After all, there are so many of the other sort :-)

What did you wear and did you love it?


  1. What does that even mean, "Entirely way too much clothing?"

  2. That's a remarkable outfit. I can't believe there is no photo. (hint: re-create this at the weekend, then post!)

    I wore something boring. I loved it.

  3. Riz: Your guess is as good as mine.

    Enc: I should recreate it. I will. Just probably not this weekend cuz I'm so tired and running around. PS: Boring can be so lovable.