Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I've decided to implement some fantastic things I learned at a social networking conference yesterday while taking advantage of the fact that my husband and daughter are out for a day trip in the suburbs. But man, it doesn't leave a lot of time to blog...

This morning, I had a great vintage shopping experience involving a whole outfit - shoes to belt to dress - for a hundred bucks. And the shoes are designer. You will certainly hear about it - and see photos - as soon as I organize my google reader and figure out and Twitter.

I know y'all don't need work sponsored conferences to stay up on the tech, y'all being the modern generation. But do cut me some slack, pls: As you may know I spend all my free time shopping :-)


  1. so how is twitter for you? I'm still unsure what I should think of that program...I mean what exactly is the sense of twitter? Just typing what you've done the whole day and share that with strangers?

  2. I don't know anything about all this techno stuff. I'm a Luddite. Please help me . . . .

  3. F: Left a more detailed response on your blog but, gotta say, I'm not sure about Twitter. If you sign up, do put me on your friend list... I've got my most recent post linked up to my blog. May be a way to increase traffic - according to the conference instructor.

    Enc: Love how you've added that baby pic of you as your icon. From one Luddite to another, I'm impressed that you got on Twitter so quickly. As I come up with new things, I'll let you know about them. PS - Open an account on Haven't yet figured out how this is going to change my world but I think it's the wave of the future.

  4. You're preaching to the choir. I have to get my friend to figure out my link situation so I can hook it up to all my lovely blogger friends :)

  5. Looking forward to the photos of your shopping-day!! :)
    Hope you've had a nice sunday!!

  6. @k.: I will do but I don't think that I will sign up because I can't recognize a certain sense of twitter (maybe I'm too rational ;) ;)

  7. E: Who has time for technology when there's gelato??

    Regine: Thanks, pls. stay tuned!

    F: I just found this really interesting article about Twitter and how it's being used widely in the journalism community to break stories. Weird, I realize, but this keynote guy at the conference was really positive about its value so I'm giving it a college try. So far, I'm not feeling it but I'll keep you posted. K