Thursday, April 3, 2008

Disposable Clothing: The Evidence

The next couple of pictoral posts are all about the crazy looks I'd never try at a higher pricepoint.

So, call me shameless, here are the F21 short shorts (and the knit vest):

Shorts and Vest: Forever 21, Shoes: n.d.c. from Winners,
Necklace: From Spain, courtesy of Sandra

Yes, I am actually as pale as the pictures makes me seem.

No, I never get appreciably darker, thank you sunblock .

So, do tell, are you the short shorts type?


  1. These Forever 21 pieces look great on you. I would've never guessed they were from there.

  2. Shorts already? But you're in Canada! It's still wretchedly cold here in the Middle West.

    I like your look. And my shorts are mainly your length. I once tried a longer pair and immediately became twitchy--they just don't look or feel right.

  3. You look hot, sister!

    I wear short shorts when I'm feeling confident. Otherwise, I wear skirts.

  4. I love shorts - but unfortunately my leg aren't as great as yours. You look stunning!

  5. You look great in short shorts! The bacon and eggs are working.
    I like a shorter short myself. Knee length bermudas do nothing for me.

  6. Yulanda: Why thank you! Loved your profile on FashionAbility...

    Miss C: Just playing dressup. It's freezing here and I likely won't be able to go out like this for another 2 months. But a girl's gotta dream :-)

    WendyB, Enc, Nadine and IHeart: Thanks so much for your kind compliments. You know, until I started this blog you couldn't get me to pose for a vacation picture in front of a landmark. And now I'm this crazy exhibitionist. In the words of my mother - show it off while you're still young!

    Enc: This is why I think it's so great you started showing your gorgeous self off.

    Of course, Wendy and Nadine are the original photogenic bloggers (they are good inspiration for me!)

    IHeart: What are you waiting for? :-) PS - That post on food was great. I've been thinking of doing something like that so maybe I'll get my act together and give my 1000 word perspective on the high fat-high protein, natural food style of eating.

  7. You look fantastic in yours. Me? Not so much. I've embraced the dress trend for summer and I'm not sure I'll ever go back.

  8. Ambika: The dress trend is really so good. Truthfully, these shorts will be good for weekends for approximately 2 months (when it's really hot outside). But for the most part, I wear dresses all summer long - flowy ones, wrap ones, mini ones, denim ones, thin American Apparel crappy ones - and the list goes on. I'd love to see some of your summer choices on your blog...

  9. not that you don't look great, but isn't there something about no miniskirts on women over 30?

    short shorts? at our age? really?!


  10. Sandra: I can only assume that you are joking - you of the sauciest looks ever, involving bralessness and the see-through! :-). I say, there's no time like the present to work a trend. Unless it doesn't suit. I mean, I'm not exactly 60! Love, K