Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Never Trust Anyone Over 30

You know those drop the ball moments:

...When your manager asks you a question and you totally can't think of the answer.

...When the adorable campus co-ed, or bond trader, or guy with the really architectural look and buff arms tries to pick you up at the Starbucks and, instead of using some cute, quippy comeback (advising that you are so flattered but so not on the market), you stammer like an idiot about how long you've been waiting for your short, skim, extrahot cappucino.

...When you start having a meaningful (read: intellectual) conversation about a very relevant film, book, article and you realize, half way through, that you weren't paying attention and you've lost your train of thought and you can't even remember the characters' names so you end up saying things like "the guy in the linen blazer with the bad glasses was such a self-loathing, um, prick..."

You know, the moments that make you feel vaguely out of touch?

Well, peeps, I had just such a moment last week when, on reading a post from fellow Canadian blogger, Jen (at Mahalo Fashion), I discovered that Forever21 has its flagship Canadian store at Yonge and Dundas (where that crappy Gap used to be) and it's been there since June 07 and I'd never heard a thing about it. Which is why, whenever American bloggers speak about it, I have been a jealous, covetous wannabe. And did I mention it's a 10 minute walk from my office?

Yes, I've actually zoomed by it dozens of times since it opened and never wondered about it, or looked up at the sign, or stared intently at the window design.

In my defense - I was out of town when it opened and the place has little curb appeal. I mean, what kind of marketing machine are you running when a shopping addict who lives in the hood doesn't have the slightest idea you've moved into the area? I searched the web for press releases or articles on the opening - there was some buzz, but obviously not anything that was sustained until early July (when I returned). Indeed, it was packed on a Tuesday at lunchhour so, it doesn't appear they're hurting for business...

I did some recon (i.e. spent some bucks and bought some loot) and formed some opinions about this kind of shopping experience. Pics and thoughts to follow in my "Disposable Shopping" theme week.

And lest you think the theme is at odds with yesterday's post about being more French - which is to say more moderate and less wasteful - you'd be right. Except I did this research before I decided to take my brief sabbatical from the world of consumerism. And, in fact, it has provided me with core motivation to do so. If only to refocus my creativity. So this week will be about doing the shopping and appreciating it and then deciding that (sometimes) enough is enough. And before you know it, something tells me, a new "pro-purchase" theme week will be at hand.


  1. hahaha, wow, I can't believe you missed Forever 21 ;)

    but you're right about the lack of buzz surrounding it's grand opening. I was in the area the weekend it opened, but I had no clue it had opened until I saw people walking in. It was also surprisingly quiet inside for an opening weekend.

  2. So does the Forever 21 promise hold true? Or would someone age 40ish (ahem) feel like a poptart wannabe?

  3. I can believe you missed it. The sign is done in Roman numerals. Forever 21 are not known for that, they're known for the other logo. I keep seeing the Roman numerals, and I have to stop and make the connection—dangerous when trying to hit the masses.

    It's a funny story.

    I think there's more to the 21 theme: everything is $21, and you have to be no more than 21 to wear the stuff—which, by the way, lasts 21 minutes.

  4. Yulanda: I am truly embarrassed. Thank you though, for corroborating that it didn't open to a landslide of publicity.

    Miss C: Well, I say, who really wants to be forever 21! I'm way too fickle (and smart, moreover) to settle for eternal youth.

    Enc: It's precisely cuz the sign was in roman numerals that I tuned out, I think. And I imagine you are totally right - I've got 21 minutes with the looks I'll profile over the rest of the week.

  5. I really want to know your response to Miss Cavendish. I have such conflicted feelings about Forever 21. I think it's its own special phenomenon...I think the overarching irony is that their market transcends the quip about age!