Thursday, April 17, 2008

No, That’s Entirely Another Sort of Blog: A Vignette

Me: I just found these two great new vintage shops in the Annex. B and I went out and tried on everything at the first place and we both scored awesome things – so unique and well-priced.

Lisa: Oh yeah? We should totally go there together.

Me: Definitely. Among other things, I found this amazing vintage full slip in black silk. It’s from the ‘50s. Very practical, yet vavavoom. You know how impossible it is to find a slip when you need one.

Lisa: Aren’t you a bit creeped out by wearing something that, er, intimate?

Me: Not really. It’s probably sat in someone’s closet for half a century, not to mention it was dry cleaned before it went to the shop. And I’m going to dry clean it again and have a couple of snags corrected. But I take your point. I mean, some slips would creep me out.

Lisa: Um…

Me: Yeah?

Lisa: You’re not going to take a picture of yourself in it and put it up on the blog, right? I mean, it’s practically underwear. (Broached with perceptible undertone of horror – and intrigue…)

Me: Of course not – how could you even imagine such a thing!? (Uttered with perceptible undertone of intrigue – and reconsideration) *

*Note to reader (especially my dad): If I won’t wear it on the street, you won’t see it on the blog.

PS: It’s sort of shocking what I’ll wear on the street.


  1. Too bad this one isn't "blog safe." Maybe you can post a photo of it hanging on a hanger in front of a bright window, or spread out nicely on a chair, or something.

  2. yeah you should take a picture of it at least :D now i'm curious.i want to see it.

  3. Agreed with them. ^ It must be shown!

  4. Hee! I don't own a single slip now that I'm all grown up, probably because I rarely wear dresses anymore. But I've just discovered the sleepwear section of Anthropologie, wherein one can find chemises that are cheaper than the regular dress section and can double as daywear, provided a slip renders them opaque!

    I also recently read an article that said that this spring has marked the beginning of lingerie as a non-taboo item--people can finally show bra straps and wear VPL bras over tank tops and it's fashion sponsored. You've definitely got the right idea. :) Not that we need trends to tell us what looks right!

  5. lol haha, interesting conversation.

    yeah probabily you can hang it and take a snap or something like that. no obligations to pose in it though;)

  6. ya i understand that you shouldn't post a pic of you wearing it on the blog ^^ but maybe, as the others said, on a hanger or something ^^

  7. Enc, Regine, Jill, Miss C, Rose and Cate: I'm going to have it fixed (there are a couple of tears) and then find some artful way to display it...

    Jealoushe: Good info about the sleepwear section of Anthropologie. We don't have that in Canada, but my family lives in the States so I have access. I find it interesting that, every so often, it's "in" to show your bra strap and slip and whatever. Nonetheless, to protect my good reputation, I'll still show it on a hanger :-)

  8. If I post underwear, I'm usually not in it. But slips are completely different. They're old fashion, girly, retro and not at all shocking, if anything sweet (in my humble opinion). And rompers which make one resemble a chubby baby are totally free game!

  9. Etoilee: The romper is such an interesting concept. And by interesting I mean something you're probably not going to see me in anytime soon :-) Not that I don't think they are tres fash on other gals.