Monday, April 21, 2008

Multi-Tsk Tsk...

Ah, blogging – in what other medium does one get to run the show (writing, modelling, photography, archives, beat reporting) day in and day out? Sometimes I feel like there's an Editor-in-Chief waiting to rap me on the knuckles, saying "Produce, produce, produce". The me who wants to post consistently and meaningfully, is occasionally at odds with the me who parents, sees friends (i.e. other human beings on social basis), co-runs a household and works a day job. And when you factor in spring fever, well, the multitasking madness really can go all to hell.

My point: While I’m working on fodder for a couple of new theme weeks (one on “Beauty” and another on “Holistic Style”), my groove is being ever so slightly disrupted by the novelty of sunshine and breezes which, for once, do not strike with icy hatefulness. It’s undercutting my productivity a smidge, you know. But fear not, blogger peeps, you aren’t getting the worst of me. That honour appears to be going to the day job :-) This week I aim to post on whatever disparate and fun things strike my fancy till the focus returns.

xo The Management


  1. You're driving the ship, baby. I'll be looking forward to seeing where you take it this week.

    Watch out for that iceberg! ;)

  2. Enjoy the Spring weather....and breathe:)