Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fantasy = Reality

Remember, growing up, when you really wanted something you couldn't possibly afford and your mother would say "Use your imagination, it's free"? Well, obviously, she never met me because yesterday's fantasy post was adequately compelling - to me, if no one else - that I went and booked a weekend this summer in Mtl. Decidedly not free, I admit, but hopefully among the best things in life.

An underlying impetus is to avoid an event I would otherwise have no other recourse but to attend - needless to say an event unrelated to anyone who might read this blog. So it's a little holiday with a fringe benefit.

Alas, it's not child-free. But, we will be staying in style at the Gault and eating at Laloux and shopping our asses off a trois. And won't it make for some fun posting upon my return...

Note: Via is having a special on superdiscount summer fares and kids ride free, which means I got 3 tickets return (steerage, natch) for 306.00 - all taxes in! Do treat yourself to a holiday there soon...


  1. Haha, lucky you. Thanks for the heads up on the tickets, I may have to take advantage of that offer.

  2. It sounds great, and even à trois, fun can be had. I'm happy for you!

    And, anything that gets you out of some deadly boring (or otherwise) affair has to be good. Nice job.

  3. Lucky lady! You'll surely have a great time. Like Jill, I am tempted to take advantage of the tickets. I've never been on a train in North America before and I haven't been to Montreal in years. Of course, with my current financial situation I'll have to stay in one of those sketchy hourly motels. My current fantasy involves winning the 649. Haha.

  4. Sounds fun! I haven't been to Montreal since I was a miserable teen traveling en famille. I really should check it out again, with my kids (before they hit that age!)

  5. I have to remind myself sometimes that I don't need to posess everything I admire, because I do NOT have a fantasy budget!

  6. Hey who says fantasy isn't as good as reality? ;)
    I've got a whole other life in my head. Oh god, that just sounded so pathetic. Lol.
    Good point, though.

  7. Jill: Take advantage. It's a great deal and you could go to the jazz or comedy festivals.

    As you know, a trois can be good in a whole different way than a deux. It was a genius save re: undesirable event!

    Y: Cannot believe you are a VIA train newbie. They are so convenient - downtown to downtown. Ah, sketchy hourly motels! BTW: The Novotel downtown has some great internet rates at about 120.00 a night (if I'm not mistaken)...

    IHeart: Definitely take them before they get sassy!

    Clothes Horse: Your blog shows me what a rich and whimsical fantasy life you have!

    Romany: Occasionally, fantasy is better than reality, non?

  8. I'm going to have to check with you anytime I need a good "out!"

    I am tagging you for the delightful 6QuirkMeme.