Saturday, June 4, 2011

You Can't Get if You Don't Ask

I think I might want this house. (And as it is my birthday tomorrow, feel free to gift it to me.) IMO, the bones are awesome, but many of the interiors need some refinement. Nonetheless, let's appreciate a couple of shots:

I do love me a good industrial facade.

Isn't the living room a lovely combo of good design and sexy with (a chaser of "people could actually lounge on that couch")? Alas, much of the rest of the house seems uninhabitable in its current layout. Still, it's got some serious potential.

A friend of mine recently told me that those ghost chairs look good until, on your way to the kitchen to get another bottle of wine, you happen upon someone's derriere smooshed against the clear back. Apparently, not attractive, for the most part. But let's imagine, for purposes of my imaginary dinner party, that all the bums are very toned and covered by well-fitting, high-waisted pants.


  1. We're off for a weekend visit to friends in a neighbouring city, so let me wish you an early Happy Birthday! I checked the forecast for your area, and it's looking good. Hope you have a marvellous day in your own quite wonderfully-appointed rooms. Enjoy!

  2. A-dor-a-ble! I did live in a loft that was a high school gym (with a projector room) in Atlanta - and I loved it - minus the echoes from the sounds bouncing off the 60 foot ceilings and concrete floors devoid of sound-diminishing fabric or carpet. I've looked for similar in LA - but can't seem to find it here (in an affordable price). That's too funny regarding the chairs! Actually that makes me want them more:)

  3. EWWWW! Now, I've got that horrible visual (a less than tone, thong wearing, tramp stamp flashing, smooshed derriere in a transparent chair) in my head. I have to go to the fabric store to clear my head :)

  4. Oh my these always look a wow!

    btw I love my body but it needs some tlc to keep fit & functioning well. We had such a long long winter this that the fat store got more than usual so needs a helping hand! xx

  5. Gorgeous and fantastic house!!!!
    I wouldn't mind if I had one ;-)

    Have a nice weekend

  6. Happy Birthday to ya! That house looks like it used to be a mechanic's garage.

  7. Happy Birthday Kristin!

    Geeze, that image of the tushes pressed against the chairs is awful!

    It's a beautiful house, but not my style.

  8. mater: They say it will be good but I'm dubious, these days. I'm going on a garden tour so good weather would be very welcome.

    Pammie: Aren't you transgressive :-) I love loft spaces. But they can be totally $$$.

    Carla: Happy to provide you with a good reason to go to the fabric store!

    Kate: I hear you. But just keep in mind you look terrific right now. It will make the process that much easier.

    Faye: Thanks!

    Seeker: I know! :-)

    marysews: It may just have been. I have to read the article more carefully :-)

    Susan: Try not to think about the tushes :-) And thanks on bday wishes xo

  9. You have that house. I'll take yours. ;)

  10. Oh, aren't you the sweetest T!

  11. I'm ready to move in! Happy birthday!

  12. Loving it!!!
    LOL re. the chairs!
    Happy happy!

  13. Wendy: We can time share.

    Couture: Thank you!

    Stacy: Merci!