Friday, June 3, 2011

Back In The Saddle

I wish I could tell you that, after the denim debacle, I bounced right back and decided to make something and it was super easy and my final product was flawless.

The truth is that I decided I should bounce back and I have been wanting to make Vogue 1250 (everyone's fave new Donna Karan pattern) and I had some poly jersey in my stash so, over the past few days, I gave it a go:

The photos look skewed to me - maybe that's just where I'm at. I've had ear pain and a headache for days so my opinion is likely unreliable.

I also notice that the dress looks baggy on the mannequin. My, ahem, padding is slightly more evenly distributed (maybe even ample) so, on me, it looks more va va voom.

About the Fabric

I bought this a fabric a long time ago and gifted some of it to my friend Nicole. She made a fantastic version of Vogue 1179 with it, also a Donna Karan pattern. The op art swirlies are lots of fun and it's a beautiful, stand out blue. But I'm just not a fan poly jersey. It's got lovely drape and it's indestructible but, man, it feels like crap.

About the Pattern
  • I made one adjustment in shortening the waist by 1.25 inches. Y'all know I can't make a Vogue pattern (or any, for that matter) without doing that. BTW, if you shorten the waist and you are not short, you should lengthen the skirt. It's not super long. On me, a .5 inch hem was fine, but I wouldn't have wanted to go any shorter.
  • It fits large for a close-fitting dress. Mind you, my fabric could be contributing to that. I would say that, if you're on the cusp between sizes, make the smaller one. Or consider using larger seam allowances.
  • Alas, it's like my serger was on drugs when I made this thing. It did a terrible job on the fabric. I almost wonder if something is up with it. So the inside is regrettably hideous, something that makes me dislike it on principle. (It also looks like gerbils twin stitched the hem. Seriously. Bad. Work.)
  • I also found the shoulders to be a total pain in the ass to put together - and I've used the method prescribed before. There was something off about either it, or me. Let's just say I'm grateful that the fabric obscures the workmanship.
On the plus side, it's entirely wearable - and seasonal - which is more than I can say for my last sewing project.

On balance, I didn't find this dress as easy to construct as most other people have found it (I could be off my game these days) and I don't love the end result as much. After Vogue 1179 (the sexiest sac ever), this one seems a bit derivative. Mind you, I'll wear it and enjoy it.

Whatcha think?


  1. I think, OMG you're hard on yourself!
    I think, it looks pretty cute on the mannequin and when it's on your cute self, it will look even better!
    And I also think, you could hook yourself up with some fabric you love and make it again . . .
    And lastly, I think . . . you should show us what it looks like with you inside!

  2. The fabric is great, and even if you don't luhv it, it's better than something you can find in a store. I bet it looks great on.

  3. I like it! Sorry you had problems with the construction though. As I told you, I remember the shoulders being fiddly too. I do plan on making it again though after some alterations. I love the fabric for this. I've been holding off making it again because I just wasn't sure what fabric to use.

  4. I kind of love it. The fabric color is right up my alley, and it looks like it will be comfortable to wear (as long as it's not 100*F with high humidity). I'm not a huge fan of poly jersey either, sadly, it's WAY too readily accessible and comes in too many fun colors/prints to pass up....though, my newest fabric obsession is rayon jersey.....OMG!! It's so delicious to sew, touch, wear.... ;-)

  5. So very pretty. I love that print.

  6. I like it. The fabric is fab enough to make up for the issues you had in sewing, and if it feels wearable, than it's a win.

    I love the visual of gerbils sewing up your hem. Although, I think gerbils would be great sewers, as they are rodents, and fairy tales have taught us that rodents are great sewers.

  7. I can't stop laughing at Farah's logic. *giggles madly, deep breath*

    As awful as some things are during the construction phase, I find that I end up loving them depending on how they wash and wear. So give the dress a chance -- wear it a few times and see how it works for you. I am not a big fan of this type of knit either as I find it accentuates all my lumps and bumps, but YMMV.

    Whenever my serger is having kittens, I find that changing the needles, oiling it and rethreading it seems to work wonders. I keep thinking it's gone completely off and it turns out to be a maintenance issue.

  8. I love the dress! Congrats!! I did bring my mojo back as well with an easy project; however, I failed to fit it (cause of my expediency) so it is wearable but a bit too large! BTW, oddly, I've had an earache and a horrible headache! I wonder if something is going around.

  9. That print is gorgeous (from the printophobe here) but I get you on having a hard time loving something made of icky fabric. The cowl looks great, too. Some fabrics my serger just doesn't love... Its favourite trick is to gather up thin fabrics, no matter how I twiddle the tension.

    I agree with the others that you are way too hard on yourself, though. Hugs!

  10. It looks great and I bet it looks even better on you. How about a photo modelling it? :)

  11. I think it looks great and you would make it look even better.

    I'm not a sewer but a sewer friend always says that after the first few things she made out of inexpensive fabric, that she found spending more on fabric made the difference. I know when I knit the move from acrylic to wool or wool and silk blends seemed to make my sweaters "better".

    I do love that pattern though! Picture!


  12. F: Maybe I am hard on myself but the workmanship was not up to anyone's standards. I wore it last night and I don't think it's destined to last in my wardrobe...

    Sewn: Thank you!

    Kim: I think it would be great in a rayon jersey - but I'd go a size down given the ease in that type of fabric.

    CGC: Rayon jersey is my fabric of choice!

    Faye: Thanks! Isn't it pretty fabric?

    Farah: The gerbils of which I speak are not good with their hands :-)

    LSCG: I think I'm going to have to give the machine a once over.

    Pammie: Who knows, but the ear pain is very distracting. It's hard to think around it.

    T: Now that you mention it, I've never noticed you sew a crazy fabric pattern!

    Suzy: I'm trying to get up the mojo for a photo shoot, but I haven't been feeling it for quite a while.

    Christien: You are right! I think the quality of fibre is utterly key. I knew when I started, that the fabric didn't have the hand I prefer. But it was here and I'm trying to use items in my stash.

  13. I think it is cute, and probably looks fabulous on you. I am no fan of most poly jerseys either although I have a few, thinking I would use them to test patterns as I am not very familiar with sewing knits, unlike you.

    I think that now that you've tested it, wear it a few times, and if you still don't love it, make it in a fabric you love. You can never have too many fabulous, simple, chic and sexy dresses.

  14. The dress is gorgeous!

    You're even more of a perfectionist than I am.

    I love rayon jersey too. There was one poly jersey I really did like, but I rarely like that fabric.

    What are you going to make next?

  15. Mardel: You make a very good point. I'm going to see this as a wearable muslin.

    Susan: I don't know if that's possible :-) I think my next project is a T shirt for my husband. It's almost his bday, so I'm going to deconstruct a RTW and try to make him a pattern.

  16. Excellent job my dear. The great thing about prints is that they can hide little mistakes -- NOT that you made any! And BTW, my mannequin always looks a bit skewed too. NYC apt. floors are never level... so, I just chalk it up to that :-) You must have a crooked floor.

  17. Stacy: I am SO blaming it on the floors! And thank you. Sometimes you just have to move on...