Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swift Thrift

I'm calling this my "Fly the Friendly Skies" scarf. I found it at a delightful new vintage shop - what's with me these days, I cannot remember the name of anything?! - but it's on the north side of College St. between Euclid and Manning. It was 5 bucks! (It's totally poly, but still the drape is lovely and the design is so me.) I also bought a terrific, granny-chic porcelain cake stand (I've been looking for the right cake stand forevah!). It was $25.00.


  1. The scarf is beautiful. I love the design.

  2. That's a great scarf! Such a crisp, clean design -- makes me think of perfect fonts, somehow. . .

  3. That's lovely! My mother is one of those people who looks chic and elegant in scarves. This looks like it might have come out of her drawer.

    I tend to look like a babushka or a cowgirl in a scarf. I think I have one of those bodies that defies accessorizing.

  4. Ooooh, it's lovely. Nice addition to your scarf collection. Just try not to leave it in a bag at a restaurant for them to throw in the trash! LOL

  5. Fabulous scarf! Oh, wow, this post made me so Toronto-sick! Just the words - College and Euclid and Manning! I used to live on Bathurst just south of College and how I do miss that place.

  6. Susan: Thanks!

    F: Oh, I totally see where you're coming from!

    LSCG: I maintain that you haven't found the perfect scarf for you yet. Or that you need to embrace your inner cowgirl :-)

    S: Oh, you just had to go there!

    Heather: When did you move? Come on down and check out the new store...

  7. I left TO August 2005 for China after living there for 3 years. Unfortunately I wasn't sewing when I lived in Toronto. I don't know if/when I'll be back, but I loved living there!