Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Questions for Everyone...

A couple of things on the craft front:
  • The Jan Sweater is proving to be much more finicky than the Kimono Wrap. Not that I'd have needed a PhD in knitting to figure that one out. As you may know, if you read my tweets, I've ripped out the ribbing twice: once due to stupid misreading and the next time due to a lost stitch that I couldn't retrieve given a) the thinness of the needles and yarn and b) the lack of a lifeline. There are 8 hours I'm not getting back. (Yes, I know it's a wonderful learning opp.) I've got to the point where I'm about to start the lacework of the body but somehow it seems like I've dropped a couple of bars (not stitches) on the row that holds the increased stitches. I don't know if I messed up the increases (I have the right number of stitches so I don't know how) or what exactly is going on. If anyone has any ideas, pls. advise. I hope it will be as "easy" as re-knitting the couple of impacted stitches in the column with a crochet hook but who can say and I'm too tired to tackle it tonight.
  • I bought some great new rayon jersey on sale for 6 bucks/metre - 2 kinds (tangerine, natch, and wacky pattern with pinks and other colours) - with which to make wrap-standard Vogue 8379:
I'm still going through the numerous reviews on Pattern Review, but haven't seen a lot about whether this fits small through the bust. I'm trying to decide whether to go with the smaller or larger size (I'm likely a 12 but the boobs may make that tight through the chest). With a regular knit shirt, the stretch would compensate, but given that this will open at the v-neck, I want to be certain I've got the right size without going too large everywhere else. I'd prefer not to do an FBA, natch. Given the darts and the strange shape of bodice, I don't want to have to deal with shifting darts etc. if I can avoid it.

My rayon jersey has a bit more stretch than is required according to the envelope: 4 inches stretches to between 5.5" - 6" rather than to the recommended 5.25". I could also affix a discreet snap, if necessary. Any thoughts from those who have made it?

Also, I've read that the ties are too short and the waist is very short on this pattern. Can anyone short-waisted share feelings about whether they feel the waist still needs shortening or, egad, lengthening?


  1. I love the 8379, I think it was designed specially for me ;-)! I'm short waisted and it fits me perfect IMO. Also, I cut a straight 14 in this with no FBA. I normally cut a 14 in the shoulders and a 16 everywhere else. I do find the facings in this fiddly though. They tend to flip over but that could be because I made several of these the first year I was sewing.

  2. I love the 8379 too. I have made 4. I too am short waisted, and find it the perfect bodice length. I made a FBA - D by adding another pleat, not too hard at all. I think I could almost get away without a FBA if I had a substantial pin. I like it better with longer ties, but it is OK with the ties made according to the pattern length - no wardrobe malfunctions!

  3. Hmmm, I'm not getting what you mean by having dropped "bars" -- that's not a term I'm used to other than when I'm doing a mattress stitch. To me, the concern would just be having the correct number of stitches, but I'm assuming the pattern has directed you to pay attention to bars as well. ??

  4. Vogue 8379 looks pretty and I can imagine it in rayon jersey draping very nicely.

    Interesting that it seems to work for short waists. I have no clue about boobs :-).

  5. I don't knit so can't help you with the sweater. I hope you figure it out! I do crochet, so I know how annoying it is to have to rip out row after row to fix a mistake.

    As far as length of the waist -- I cheat on this all the time by comparing patterns I've already made to patterns I'm considering making. If you don't have a dress pattern, try putting on a t-shirt that fits you well, pushing a safety pin thru where you would like the dress waist to sit, then comparing that to the pattern. Also, be aware of weight -- because your fabric is stretchier than the pattern calls for, the skirt will probably pull the waist down a little. You may want to use twill tape or elastic to stabilize the waistline.

  6. Kim: You've helped me to make up my mind. Haven't started sewing yet but I cut the 12. With the stretch of my fabric, I'm going to take a chance.

    k: I traced the paper pattern of ties a bit longer (maybe 4 inches) and I will def do the FBA if the 12 doesn't work perfectly first time out... Another reason I started smaller...

    F: Thanks for feedback - my terminology is so inept...

    Susan: :-)

    LSCG: That's a good idea. And your info about the waist stretching in the stretchier fabric makes sense - though I wouldn't have thought of it on my own...