Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lost and Found

Leave it to me to turn one of the busiest weekends in the summer into an estate sale extravaganza. Sadly, an elderly woman up the street recently died. I discovered, while walking up the block to go to the butcher, that her daughter is selling many of her vintage treasures on this, perhaps the most beautiful day of the year so far.

Is this coffee set not the most beautiful thing EVER??:

Here's a shot of the full set of 6 - doesn't show it to its best advantage, but it captures the whole haul...

I've never owned a coffee set till now because, I've never before found one that thrills... This is in mint condition and I got it for (don't gasp) $3.00. Yes, three dollars. I seriously considered offering the seller much more money for it, but she seemed very grief-stricken and old-school Italian. I didn't want to somehow offend her...

And then there are these:

I got a full set of 6 but I just photographed these 4...

I'd love to know what these shot glasses are called (or anything about them). The metalized rims have been well-worn (to show the most beautiful patina). They'd be perfect with an ice cube and some Aperol, for example (something I intend to try in 10 minutes...). These were $4.00.

I told the seller we would be sure to toast her mother with these gorgeous glasses, whereupon (sadly) she started to cry. So, here's to a woman who had beautiful taste in china and glassware - one whom, I'm sure, enjoyed many beautiful events with these items and her family and friends. And here's to the joy they'll bring with every use.


  1. This is lovely. I'm sure your neighbor would enjoy the fact that her beautiful things will be thoroughly enjoyed and well taken care of.

  2. Yes, the most gorgeous ever.

  3. You definitely got a delightful coffee set there and the glasses are beautiful.
    I think that the reason they were sold cheaply is that someone would buy and use them.
    Better that than just give them away and they mightn't be appreciated because someone just takes them because they are free and not respect them.
    It must have been very touching for her daughter to hear your respect and appreciation for her mother's taste in china and glasses, and that you will put them to use already -whilst remembering her mother!

  4. wow, that coffee set is fantastic.

  5. Those glasses! They very MadMen-ish, don't you feel like having an old fashioned?

  6. Oh.M.G. Amazing finds. This lovely lady truly had wonderful taste.

  7. they are so lovely. i'm sure the old woman would be thrilled that you have them and will use the chinaware to toast many new wonderful occasions.

  8. Wow! The glasses are identical to the famous whisky glasses used on Mad Men. If you could bring yourself to part with them, you could probably earn a packet on ebay if you sold them as such. However, I think you should keep them and drink whisky during work hours, a la Don Draper. Swoon.

  9. The glasses are fabulous. Perfect for a Pimm's cup!

  10. Andrea: Thank you!

    LPC: I've been taking my coffee this way on the weekend mornings ever since!

    Jemajo: Thank you. And I agree with your perspective...

    Farah: I know!!

    Mardel: Thanks!

    Irene: Yes, actually :-)

    F: Isn't it crazy?!

    Sewn: Indeed. Thanks!

    Miss Sophie: I hope so! We live on in the enjoyment of others...

    charityshopchic: I have to pay more attention to the set design on that show. I'm too bamboozled by the clothing :-) Thanks for info...

    Miss C: Or some aperol and vermouth! Thanks!