Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coming Along...

For those of you who may be interested to know about how the Jan's going, here's a little preview:

I can't talk too much about it. Firstly, I'm sure you'll all just tune out. But I'm also trying to find my groove with it - something that it slowly starting to occur.

All I can say is that I remain in awe of its beautiful design.

Keep giving me your good knitting vibes pls! xo


  1. Oh my!! It's looking GORGEOUS!! Brilliant, brilliant work! Sending you good vibes ;)

  2. It's lovely! Your tension is so even, and the pattern is fanning out delightfully -- isn't the process fine!!

  3. I've been dying to see how you're coming along - looks fantastic! I'm so pleased it's coming together for you!

  4. Ugh, I'll say it again: I'm so impressed by you. All my years of making washcloths and afghans and you just jump straight into sweaters!

  5. I know less than nothing about knitting, but it looks like it's coming along fabulously. :-) Sometimes cursing at the project helps whip it into shape. Or at least that's my excuse...erm...theory. ;-)

  6. Looks pretty! Have fun, even though it csn be trying, I know!

  7. Wow. That is beautiful. I really, really love the color and the design.

  8. It looks beautiful so far! Keep going!

  9. I am so impressed with your beautiful work. I cannot believe you are a beginning knitter!

  10. I am impressed that you are knitting such a challenging sweater for your second knitting project, and that you are doing a fabulous job!

    Can't wait to see you in the finished sweater.


  11. Suzy: Thank you!! I am feeling them :-)

    F: Oh thank you for saying that. Tension is so ineffable!

    Gail: I'll show another pic when I finish the first side. Of course, your help has been invaluable!

    Ms. M: If you watched me muddle through those bad hours of tinking back and swearing, you'd be saying "K, maybe a few tea towels are the way to go". But thank you :-)

    CGC: OMG - I do that all the time! (Under my breath, of course).

    Miss C: When it's all done, I'm sure I'll forget the pain. Like childbirth. Um, wait...

    Susan: Thanks! You can make it too :-)

    Raven: I'm keeping on! xo

    Couture: Thank you! And I can't believe the instructions said this pattern would be ok for a beginning knitter :-)

    Christine: Thank you for your lovely comment and encouragement. Stay tuned for finished garment. But it may take a while :-)