Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Forest and The Trees

Occasionally I'm blown away by the generosity of people - namely those as invested in social media as we all are.

I have been tremendously supported over the last week by numerous blog and Ravelry friends, amongst them:

Ms. Modiste
Miss Sophie

You have all helped me to get from ground-zero to a finished row 8 and I can't tell you how much I want to give you all hugs and share some aperol and prosecco. (Hell, let's make it champagne.)

I finally understood what I was doing wrong after a whack of emails with Gail - who, BTW, is making the same Jan sweater right now and it's amazing. It finally occurred to me - after little clues were making themselves known - that the interweb would probably have a video to explain what I was trying to do. I mean, just cuz it's new to me, doesn't mean it isn't a popular stitch loop.

And, voila, here's what I found...

Not that this will interest anyone other than me, but I was short on stitches because I didn't realize that YO (yarn over) isn't the stitch you knit into, but the act of looping the wool in front of the stitch. So YO, K2Tog doesn't mean: loop your yarn, knit into a stitch and then knit 2 stitches together.

It means: loop your yarn and then knit 2 stitches together.

Massive difference peeps.

OMG - I was starting to lose my mind over this.

Now I just have to determine whether I need to redo row 4 because I def didn't do this for that row. Mind you, I have nice little holes evenly interspersed and the right number of stitches coming out of that row, and I SO don't want to rip this back again...


  1. Isn't it wonderful to see the amazing support people are prepared to give? It always blows my mind.
    Glad you have sorted it out. I would have been useless as I have yet to do a YO. I have not yet started my cardi as I have a massive tension problem (it's too loose), but doing swatches and improving.

  2. Hurray!

    "Champagne! Champagne for everyone!"
    -Bubbles DeVere

  3. Props to you for looking and asking for help too! That's half the battle.

  4. Way to go! I have been knitting for two years and have yet to make a sweater. I am beyond impressed that your first project was a sweater and now you are tackling lace. Can't wait to see a picture. L - - wallis15 on Ravelry

  5. Ah! What a relief to have figured that out. That would never have occurred to me as I assumed someone had shown you how to do a YO -- never would have thought you'd just try to interpret the instructions completely on your own as a brand new beginner!!

  6. Suzy: Of course I should have added you to my list of sewing helpers! You started this whole crazy thing in the first place. Giving you positive vibes on the tension.

    Gail: Indeed!!

    LAP: Oh, I'm not averse to asking anyone for help :-) But I always return the favour.

    Laura: I've already friended you :-)

    F: There are so many hazards when teaching oneself. But at least I suspect I could manage on a desert island :-)

  7. Oh man, so glad you were able to figure it out! The blogging/Rav community is so amazing. It can be tricky to figure teach ourselves these things without someone sitting beside us to see where we're going wrong. I'm so freaking excited to see this finished sweater!

  8. Glad everything's well now! I don't know where all of us noobs would be without videos and the internet. I definitely had moments where I wanted to cry and/or throw my needles across the room. Thankfully that's in the past.

  9. I can't believe that you just started knitting and you're already doing lace! I started knitting years ago and never got past stockinette stitch. I'm wondering if I should take it up again because I sew, but I get kind of bored while watching my shows on TV and I can't really sew during the evening anyway. I can crochet, but it's really hard to make satisfactory sweaters in crochet.

  10. OMG! I didn't realize that is what you were doing, and I should have because a student in my knitting class was doing the exact same thing.

    Well, I'm so glad you found help. I think the internet is a fabulous resource

  11. Ms. M: You and me both!

    Raven: All of a sudden it occurred to me that, if people learn how to reno bathrooms on You Tube, they probably had a video on what I was looking for :-)

    LSCG: Totally, take it up again! It's a very good TV activity. And it's fun for your brain (when it's not torture).

    Mardel: It's amazing how I could have interpreted things entirely the wrong way :-) Thank goodness I figured it out because I was going to lose it.

  12. I'm so glad you found a video that cleared up the confusion. We've been very impressed with the number of videos available for demonstrating different sewing stitches and techniques.

  13. Susan: The highs and lows here are out of control! I'm so glad to have every resource.

  14. Glad you got the problem sorted out! As for missing the lace on the previous rows, it's not a mistake -- it's a design feature. ;-)