Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dinner At My House

Man, what a great party I had yesterday, an advance celebration of my birthday today - which has been so fantastic. It was me, Scottie, Hilary (my oldest friend, since age 11), Steen, Nicole, Jennifer and Duff.

The weather sucked, but the camaraderie more than made up for it:

Me and Hilly (this pose is a hallmark of our friendship)

My Japanese maple - just cuz.

Don't you love it when your prosecco matches your gerberas??

Steen taking a photo of me, while I took a photo of him.

Y'all know I have worked hard to make my dining room look like a sexy steak house.

At my request, Scott made a very casual meal of hamburgers, hot dogs, tomatoes and feta, green salad with jalapenos and we got some of my fave cupcakes (24 of them for 8 people?!). The flavours ranged from red velvet (a perennial fave) to pistachio and ginger orange. There was even a butter cream peanut butter chocolate.

The wine flowed freely, the conversation was lively and authentic. There's nothing like time spent with old friends. Especially when you're the star of the show :-)

BTW, today I went on the most amazing horticultural tour of back yards in chichi fancy-land. I took tons of photos which I will share in my next post...

And thanks so much to all of my wonderful blog and Twitter friends for well-wishes on my bday. I love to hear from you all!


  1. Woo hoo, happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Kristin! Your dining room looks fabulous and the painting looks intriguing. I assume that's the new sweater you're wearing?

  3. Happy Birthday! You share a birthday with my amazing son. I hope you had a fantastic Sunday! (the weather was certainly better)

  4. Happy birthday. May your cocktails always match your flowers:).

  5. Happy Birthday! What LPC said.

  6. Happy birthday! There's nothing like having fun with friends :)

  7. Happy Birthday! Is that your new knitting project you're wearing?

    Here's to many more years of wonderful birthdays!


  8. Happy Birthday! And many happy times spent with friends.

  9. So glad you had a great birthday dinner with your friends -- may it be the beginning of a Happy Year!

  10. Oh my gosh! Happy birthday, beautiful! So glad to hear it was a rollicking good time.

  11. Thanks everyone!

    And yes, that's a really crappy shot of the new sweater with the sleeves rolled up...