Monday, March 7, 2011

Seafoam Dreams

As you may know, shortly I am going to visit my family in North Carolina. You've lived the skirt experiment for my sister, here's the (arguably more successful) tunic sweater for my mother:

It's my modified version of V8634, a universally flattering pattern that I can't recommend enough. It doesn't hurt that you can make the entire thing (save edge stiching the cowl seam) on a serger in 2 hours. (Note: cutting time is on top of that.) I like to serge hem the sleeves and bodice in a contrasting colour. IMO, chocolate brown is perfect with muted green.

This top doesn't fit my dress form outrageously well but then it's not my size. I made the medium - remember this sweater fits quite large. Definitely consider going down a size, especially if your fabric is on the stretchier side.

On this topic, do any of you find it really challenging to sew for others (others whose measurements you actually have access to) because you're so attuned to trying to get everything to fit YOU perfectly? Even as I fit to my mother's measurements - and her ease preferences - I was disturbed by how wrong this thing looked when I tried it on me.

I love this fabric. It's a soft, warm, seafoam sweater knit - alas, arguably too warm for NC at this time of year. I've bought it on two occasions now and each time I've ended up using it for someone else. The first time, I cut it against the grain by accident (stupid mistake I've never made before or since) and it was like a straight jacket on me. Fortunately, my friend Nicole (a redhead) fits into it perfectly.

I will go back to the shop to see if, by any chance, some of this fabric remains. I really should buy whatever's left. I don't think I will ever tire of it.


  1. my mom used to make me gorgeous clothes when i was a little kid. don't know how she did it but i doubt i could do the same for her - though i can take her shopping and style her looks all day long! the older i get the more amazed i am at my mom's infinite talents.

    that color is the prettiest shade of seafoam green i've seen! very Mad Men and for some reason i just keep thinking of Joan Holloway wearing that and sashaying around the office ;)

  2. That looks MARVELOUS! Warm and cozy, but still modern and stylish. Well done, lady.

  3. so pretty! I really am not great at sewing for others. I made my mom a vest and turtleneck for christmas and it was just a huge drag. At heart I'm a very selfish person and I just like doing things for me! even sewing for my beloved Mr. Bug is like pulling teeth (BTW - coat is DONE, he wore it to work today and promises a photoshoot tonight!)

    That being said, I just asked a friend if I could sew for her. Her style is VERY different from mine - I'd term it art-fair chic - lots of flowy fabrics, mismatched earrings, hats and a 20's flapper vibe merged with residual minneapolis-of-the-80's (cravats and such) I think she'd love everything from the sewing workshop and it'd be fun to 'dress' her because her style is so unique. I can totally see why designers would like making clothes for certain people!

  4. I used to sew a lot for my kids when they were younger, but never for anyone else. However, it looks like I will be learning to sew for Martin.

    The seafoam fabric is so pretty and the sweater looks good enough to eat. Your mother will be very pleased.

    I'm not having as much luck with V8634, per my latest post. I sized based on the high bust measurement per Fit For Real People, but I'm wondering if that's correct for persons with a broad, high round back.

  5. You should show off the hems a bit more - I like that surged look. It's simple and quick and raw!

  6. So cool that you can sew for your mom, and that looks like a wearable and fashionable choice. So far, mine have shopped (tastefully) for me, cooked for me, even given me professional massages (big points!), but I've yet to have a kid make me a garment. I have some envy to work through. . .

  7. I can't believe how well your sewing is still going , mine never got started although I'm going to get going again soon...

    Also you can still go in to Stonehenge - but you have to pay!! xx

  8. I love that color. What's the fiber content on the fabric? It looks like it drapes beautifully.

  9. Oh I love that color! And how nice to sew for your mom.

  10. This sweater is insanely gorgeous and I'll have to try that pattern immediately. It just looks so wearable and wonderful. Good for you to sew for someone else. I don't think I have it in me.

  11. Miss S: That colour is totally Mad Men!

    Sally: Thank you!

    Patty: I saw what you made for your mother and it inspired me to be more giving :-)

    Susan: I'm sorry that pattern continues to give you trouble! Maybe you would like to put it aside and try another one - not every pattern is for everyone - and sometimes what you learn by moving to another project can be reapplied when you return to the previous one.

    Jet: I love a serged edge too!

    D: Thanks!

    F: Your kids are amazing - and haven't started their sewing phases yet!

    Kate: I can't wait for you to do the sewing. I know it will be great to watch.

    Couture: I don't really know - I looked on the bolt and it didn't say but I think it's a pure wool. That's what it feels like. I should burn a bit of it to confirm.

    Mardel: Thanks!

    Amber: Thank you. Try the pattern - I think you'll love it.