Thursday, March 10, 2011

In My Mind I'm Already in Carolina...

Lovelies: You may know that I'm off to North Carolina to see my people. Seems like a good opportunity to unplug for a few days and experience the world old style, like they did before the internet! Still on the fence about whether my computer will be joining, but it's likely I'll be offline till mid next week. Really gotta hope, as I look out my window at the most perfect "kill yourself" weather imaginable (rain, damp, dark) - after yesterday's snow/rain combo resulting in 2 inches of ready-made slush! - that NC throws us a bone.

See you soon. xo


  1. Have a great time . . . and I hope the weather's good to you and that when you return spring may have made a serious claim on your territory.

  2. Wishing you warm sunshine and blossoms!