Friday, March 4, 2011

Uplifting Design

La Perla is the go to European sexy-lady brand - if the sexy lady in question happens to be reasonably small-chested, that is. I've always admired its delicacy of composition. Everything looks wispy in the chicest way.

Alas, the brand's design-aesthetic does not lend itself to large breasts. I believe its sweet-spot size is a 32C. Note for future post: I have a long-held theory that 32C is, in fact, the ultimate breast size. You can wear practically every brand of lingerie or go without, should the outfit necessitate it. Not to mention you're unlikely to sag all to hell in middle age. (Keep in mind, I'm talking about an actual 32C - a compact, but still pneumatic, size. Far too many wear this size though their breasts are a good 2 cup sizes up...) 32C is a diffusion size - brands that cater to small breasts stock it but it's often the intro size for larger cup brands.

Needless to say, I'm not maligning the tinier or more voluminous chests. Y'all know I'm the champion of breasts everywhere. Every shape has the potential to be entirely lovely, especially when well-sheathed, and there are many brands to suit small and large alike.

Really this is all a preamble to my fine visit to the La Perla boutique in NYC. It's like church for your boobs! I managed to snap this quick pic of the Gaultier Createur bra:

You really can't see it in this shot (I took it surreptitiously on the iPhone of questionable pics, though there's a good photo if you follow the link at the top of the post) but the handiwork is fantastic. The apex of the conical cup is so beautifully executed. It's like the fabric braids are sutured to an underlying layer of tulle.

Another feature of La Perla is its stratospheric pricing. This bra is $523.00USD. Just as well you can't really wear it under a t-shirt.

So what do you think of this piece? Is it elegance itself, in your opinion, or stupidly unwearable? And while we're at it - do you believe in an "optimal breast size"? If yes, is it the size you wear? Let's discuss!


  1. Church for your boobs!
    Holy Christ, I love it!

  2. Yes, La Perla is the Holy Grail of lingerie! It's all so lovely! I'd love to examine the Gaultier and how it's constructed. BUT, I'm a very practical girl and could never afford such luxury, so I say it's stupidly unwearable. 32C sounds like an ideal size for all the reasons you mentioned. I've been big breasted for pretty much the entire time I've had breasts and there have been many times when I've envied the smaller busted girls. All-in-all, I do love my boobs and don't believe in an optimal size. I suppose that's all objective anyhow...

  3. That Gaultier bra: On the hanger, it looks a bit strange. But after seeing it on the model at the web site, I would describe as interesting and even beautiful. I don't think it's something I would wear, though.

    I've never thought about "optimal breast size"... but now that you mention it, I remember being very happy at 34B. That size was small enough that everything fit easily, but large enough so I didn't feel flat-chested.

    I'm now at 36D, and support has become the most important thing. (In fact, reading your lingerie posts convinced me to explore some of the better brands over at Figleaves. With my new Chantelle bra, I can definitely feel the difference at the end of a long day....)

    I'm still happy with my current size, as long as I have that support. :)

  4. Ms. M: Intriguingly 34B is the same cup size as 32C. The back size is just slightly larger. The way bras work is that, as back size increases, relative cup size decreases. So - 32 C = 34 B = 36 A from the cup size perspective. Interesting to think that an A cup can be equivalent to a C when the back measurement increases 4 inches.

  5. Stacy: So glad you liked it! I was pretty pleased with that turn of phrase :-)

    Heather: I love your comment because it recognizes that we can think of sizes other than our own as objectively optimal but still feel terrific about our own shapes. After all, they're part of what makes us individual. Thanks for sharing!

  6. It's incredible, but I can't make myself pay their prices. :( I appreciate the beauty in the brand, though.

  7. Someone is paying those prices. I've heard all kinds of theories around that - how it employs people, how it keeps the economy going, how it... - and yet, all I can think is there's better things to do with your money. Pretty but I couldn't pay that.

  8. If I ever see one of these beauties in my size and in excellent shape in a thrift store, I'll grab it!

    As a woman with an ever-expanding broad back, I'm fascinated by the 32 C = 34 B = 36 A equation. In my twenties I wore 32 A, then in my thirties 34 A or B, then 36 C in my forties, now 38 C in my fifties. My boobs haven't changed that much but have gotten larger with menopause. It's the back mainly, that's broadened.

  9. E: I don't think I would ever pay that either. And you know I'm willing to spend on bras. The cost does not reflect the quality as much as the status the brand confers. Of course the quality is excellent, but the prices are insane.

    Myrna: I know! How that's supporting the economy I'd love to learn! How many of those can they sell? Mind you, the ladies in NYC carried 5 and 6 luxury brand shopping bags on their jaunts, when I was there.

    Susan: Something tells me you will never see one at a thrift shop! But if you do, I want to know asap! BTW, you are totally leaving me in the dust with the fancy sewing gadgets :-) Has the cover stitch machine arrived yet?

  10. The cover stitch machine has shipped but isn't here yet. Maybe today.

    I know I am totally nuts spending the money but I am feeling so empowered embracing sewing again. Really I've been a frugal nut and feel ok about splurging on my very own sewga room :-).

  11. The bra looks lovely on the model but I wouldn't spend $523 when could buy an excellent bra that supports wonderfully for $80. Optimal Breast Size...I don't that that exists. It's like the optimal sewing pattern size. It's often discussed but in reality it's like the unicorn. The stuff of myths and legends :)

    @Susan Tiner- which coverstitch machine did you buy? I'm planning on purchasing a machine soon.

  12. La Perla has to be some of the sexiest lingerie ever created!

  13. Ooh la la! Gorgeous bra. It reminds me, somehow, of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" . . .

  14. I have issues around breast size that linger at some level, although overall I acknowledge that compactness can work to advantage in late middle age.
    The bra itself is gorgeous as a piece of art, presque even if not as a particularly practical or affordable garment.
    And I too love the expression "church for your boobs" -- you have a way with words!

  15. I pay good money for my bras because, as a 36E/F, I need something that's going to give my ample bosom good support and shape. But it seems ridiculous to pay prices like that for something that doesn't need much in the way of structure to hold up heavy boobs!

    The cruel irony for me is that I was a late bloomer and didn't grow breasts and have to wear a bra until most of my peers were already in full bloom. It's just that once they started growing, they just kept going! I would trade places with a 32C any day!


  16. That bra is beautiful, but for $523 there's no way I'd hide it under my clothes! I'd find a way to wear that sucker on the outside.

  17. Oh, you know I love La Perla, but at that price "church for your boobs" it is and unattainable.

  18. Susan: Coverstitch there yet??

    Carla: Well said!

    Miss C: It's like one of your drama costumes (but a bit skimpier)!

    F: It's amazing how we all have issues, no matter the size :-)

    Helen: I agree that paying for good support seems smart, but paying for mere pretty can be hard to bear, esp. when it's 500 bucks!

    Audi: You could find a way to make that work.

    Wendy: I know!

    Mardel: Time to get secular :-)