Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Winsome / Lose Some

No doubt you've been losing sleep in anticipation of the post that apprises you about how these items were received.

Quick reminder: The legendary skirt of the horned bum...:

...was painstakingly (and not outrageously successfully) created for my sister. I was able to rework the back pleats - which is to say I largely steamed them out - and which improved the drape of the back of the garment. But, understandably, I do not recommend V8602, (seems almost no info about it on the net, intriguingly) and I'd never make it again.

The seafoam confection, for my mother, was drafted from my TNT Vogue V8634, modified slightly by me, and it came out as I had hoped - pretty and looking like an actual top with no buttressing weird bits (hahaha, get it, buttressing?)

The good news is that the top fit my mother very nicely - and she really loves both the colour and the style.

The less good news is that my sister did not like the skirt - on the basis that she felt it was unflattering - and she returned it to me promptly. To give credibility to her claim, the skirt did not look outrageously flattering but it wasn't styled (she was wearing socks and the wrong top). It fit in the waist, which is great - remember I had no measurements to work from. What did surprise me is that the hem hit dowdily below the knee on her while, on me it has an attractive above-knee skim. How could this be, I wondered, since she's taller than me?

It turns out that one person can be taller than another and, still, a skirt will fit her "longer" if:
  • the taller person has a longer waist than the shorter
  • the taller person has slightly shorter upper legs and
  • the taller person is slightly broader in the pelvis
Go figure.

Of course, I could have redone the hem - I didn't top stitch it, remember, I cross stitched in anticipation that the length might need revisiting. But, my sister couldn't wait to get it off and hand it back, albeit politely. For the record, I believe - with a cami, a waist skimming cardigan or unstructured over top (like this - scroll down) and a cute pair of wedge sandals, this skirt will be adorable and chic.

She suggested I might like to make her a bag, next time.

Um, ok. I'll keep that in mind. Can't say I'm totally on board with that.

Update in response to comments: In defense of my good-natured sister, who's graciously agreed to take my child for 6 weeks this summer, she wasn't impolite and she doesn't sew. I don't think she understands how much effort I put into making the skirt. Having said that, sewing friends, I appreciate your commiseration as we all know the craziness of making a garment from scratch.


  1. I'm confused by my body as I'm short-waisted AND short-legged, but of rather average height (5'6"). I suspect that this might mean I have a long... erm, abdomen? (Something sounds wrong about "long crotch"... whatever is the correct terminology for "length between waist and legs," that's what I mean.)

    I wish I could go in for a body scan and analyze my figure that way! It always seems like such a mystery, lol.

  2. Ooh, that height/length thing is really interesting!

  3. I LOVE that skirt. Love, love, love. Is your sister a size 12/14? If so, you can send it to me! ;)

  4. @ms. Modiste, you could try taking a photo in front of a grid and comparing it to those standard proportions sketches you find...

    K, I think your sister would go permanently on my "do not sew for" list! Although, was it supposed to be a surprise present? That might soften my judgement (from unforgivable to merely rude ;) ) It reminds me of my cousin, who asked me to sew something for her then was appalled when I wanted measurements... *head desk*

    I'm glad your mom liked her present!

  5. Oh, only a sister could hand back a skirt . . . Perhaps you can keep it for yourself?

  6. Ouch. Way to poop all over a really sweet and generous gift, K.Line's sister! I'm sorry that happened, and glad your mom loved her top. Hopefully that eased the sting a bit.

  7. Your feelings weren't hurt?

    Mine would be.

    Any chance you can modify the skirt to fit you?

  8. Like someone above me said, only a sister.

  9. Sisters are hard. I adore the color of your mom's sweater top!

  10. Ms. M: Ha! I really don't know what that makes you. You know they have that body scan tech I posted about recently. I bet it could totally help you :-)

    Stacy: Oh, you know I will!

    Wendy: Isn't it. I don't really get it yet.

    Sewn: It is a 12/14! Let me wear it once and decide if I can repurpose it in my wardrobe. If not - I will send it to you directly!

    Hey T: My sister doesn't really understand sewing - the measurements, the head banging challenge. I've come to realize, we should only sew for those who will shower us with gratitude :-)

    Miss C: It's down to me and Sewn :-) (see above)

    Sal: It's ok. My sister will, no doubt, love the next thing I make for her.

    Susan: The skirt fits me well enough - just have to see if I can make it work in my wardrobe. It's more her style (so I thought) than mine. My feelings were a bit hurt - but I knew even as she said no thank you, that she just didn't envision it on herself.

    Gillian: Ah sisters!

    Stacey: Thank you. It is the perfect colour.

  11. Wow! I just read all these comments... I certainly didn't mean to be unforgivable or rude. I was very grateful that you thought of me and put such effort into making something for me. The skirt is beautiful! It just didn't fit my body. Even our mother stood there looking at me and shaking her head that it didn't "fall" correctly on my (not so perfect) body. It was sewn beautifully and the detail and quality was incredible. Most definitely suitable for a fine clothing store. I knew I would not be able to wear it and decided it was better to be honest and offer it back for my sister to wear (as it looked great on her) rather than putting it on a hanger and never giving it the justice it deserves. No harm or malice intended... really.

  12. Alli: Great response! I know you didn't mean to be rude. And I agree that it didn't look great at that moment and that you didn't see how it could have been improved (also that Mummy felt that).

    I do think that it could have looked really good on you with a bit of adjustment but I know there is no way you could get with that. So I'm glad you gave it back. I will wear it (or gift it - see Sewn's comment). And I will make you a bag next. I've been looking at patterns. This time though, I'll show it to you first.

  13. These comments are making me giggle. I recently made that coat for Mr. Bug and made an executive decision to not use the wool he choose (black) and instead made it from a camel wool. I wasn't entirely sure he even liked it, and unlike your very-honest sister, he is too chicken to tell me! So far, I've gotten reports from others that he's showing it off, which indicates he's coming around.

    It's so hard to sew for others without having them handy - it gives me great sympathy for RTW designers. How on earth do you decide on the details when sewing for the masses? No wonder knits are so popular! Negative ease erases a lot of fitting issues!

  14. Patty: Knit is the salve for the masses!