Thursday, March 24, 2011


Before I went to NYC, we went out for dinner at our regular place. Sometime after the sugar rush of dessert, M grabbed my glasses and had Scott take a photo. She then promptly jumbled her hands in time elapse, and turned it into the desktop on my iPhone which, at that point, I'd owned for about 2 hours.

How the hell kids who've never touched an iPhone can adapt them to their will is beyond me. They're like demi-robots.

At any rate, she wanted to be sure that I wouldn't forget her, bless her little cyborg heart.

Ever since, she's been wearing her own 3D movie glasses (which look scarily similar) minus the lenses (which are crazy-making after all) like regular eye wear. In my day we didn't do this. In my day we avoided glasses. Ironically, this looks rather retro-chic on the child of 20/20 vision.

Since I can't figure out how to modify my iPhone desktop, this photo is destined to wink at me with its merciless cuteness evermore. Every time I look at it, I see a tween-beat poet, hanging at the Embassy, snapping her slender fingers cuz she really digs stream-of-consciousness free verse.

For a beatnik, though, she sure is wearing a lot of cashmere.

Update: Just got a photo from NC trip which proves the whole "3D glasses chic" concept:

M and her cousin C. Photo courtesy of Jason Sparks.


  1. She does look really chic. Wow.

  2. No denying she's your daughter! She's adorable!

  3. She looks pretty cute in the glasses. You're going to be chasing the boys off here pretty soon. Better have Scott buy that gun (to pretend to clean on the porch) now. ;-) Or maybe that's more of a local to here thing...?

  4. Mini K.Line!

    Technology. I have to remind myself to keep things simple whenever doing something for my mom's computer. What's intuitive for me isn't for her.

  5. So cute! I feel like such a moron around my DS sometimes when it comes to technology.

  6. What a beauty. She has perfect hair! Love the glasses look.

  7. Sure, take time to think about it. It sure would be nice having you take part. I'm not closing the invite down until next Thursday, March 31st. The challenge won't officially start until Friday, April 1st.

  8. Tres chic! Mr. C has paid good money for something similar at Fabulous Fanny's in the East Village. . .

  9. Wow! she looks and sounds fabulous -- this is such an amazing age, and she's wise to install her photo into your daily life -- after all, we should all be making sure the world is ready for her and her generation, so it's best to be thinking about them whenever . . .

  10. Gillian: Thanks!

    Elle: I don't think she looks like me at all!

    CGC: Oh no!! :-)

    Raven: Every generation is just a bit more "robot" than the last :-)

    Wendy: Thank you xo

    Monkey: I can't deny it :-)

    Kim: It's totally scary.

    Susan: Thank you!

    Faye: Thank you. I really do want to participate. I'm working on it.

    Miss C: Hilarious!

    F: Thank you. It is a pretty amazing age.

  11. She looks so cool in your glasses!

  12. tee hee... so last night I was at a party at a neighbor's house - full of 30-somethings, for the most part - and my neighbor, the husband half of the host asked who was down in the basement. I said "the guy in the green polyester suit and a girl with black glasses, a dry wit and a vast knowledge of limericks" (it was a late St. Patrick's day party.) He totally rolled his eyes and pointed out that I'd just described every girl AT the party. And now catching up on posts, here's some more black glasses!

    Isn't your daughter in the 12 or 13 range? She photographs beautifully and appears to be lacking that gawky storklike quality in girls that age!

    And she TOTALLY looks like you. I knew that was your daughter before reading the post!

  13. E8: Isn't it grown up??

    Patty: She's going to be 11 next week. She's a very precocious tween. She is happily self-assured. Here's hoping she misses awkwardness altogether :-)

  14. At first I thought it was a picture of you when you were younger. She definitely has your smile.

  15. D.: I looked nothing like her as a kid. I was not a very adorable kid.

  16. As my mother used to say, "You must have been a beautiful baby, because baby look at you now."