Thursday, March 17, 2011


Just call me a giver (or a woman with too many garments) but this is my sewing project for the weekend:

The theory is that my kid is going to help me by cutting the pattern and observing.

That's code for whining about wanting to play on Club Penguin.

PS: I've been a woefully horrible comment responder - though I always love and appreciate all the comments you write. It's been crazy on all fronts in my life lately but I am replying, albeit slowly xo


  1. I'm sure your daughter will have fun making a dress with her wonderful Mom. If not, then I'm sure she will have much appreciation for how much time goes into making one. Such cute dresses. BTW, I've missed you so. I've had to work alot as of late and haven't been commenting like I wanted to. It's nice to visit *hugs*

  2. I hadn't realized until the other day that your daughter and Tyo are the same age... I thought yours was a year or two older. :) anyway, I heartily approve of the kid-as-fabric-cutter, as you know. I also recommended child-based basic sewing, but I guess that depends on how aggravating supervising is...

    Have fun, oh busy one! ;)

  3. Ah, those shared projects. My daughter, now 25, apparently learned more than I thought during our shared cooking projects.

    Have fun!

  4. You are very brave! Good luck, you might need it! :-P

  5. Victoria: I wish I shared your confidence :-) So nice to see your comment xo

    Tanit: My daughter is extremely tall (even though her parents are short). She's 5 feet (we just learned at a doc appt) and she'll be 11 next week.

    Susan: Oh, I hope my kid learns some cooking from me - I mean, that's something that I do with confidence :-) So far she just makes craft dinner and french toast.

    CGC: I really am brave. :-)