Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Classic

Sophie is one of the chicest young bloggers I know. I first discovered her via Laws of General Economy, a designer item resale forum on which we both once transacted (she still does), and I've enjoyed watching her wardrobe ebb and flow.

Lately she posted about her classic 10 wardrobe items, an artful assemblage - and ageless I might add.

In fact, I totally share her perspective - on my, ahem, more mature form - re: 8 of those 10 items.

Sophie suggested I undertake her challenge and, while I LOVE the idea (and encourage you all to do the same), I am so overwhelmed by items in work and life right now, it's a struggle just to write - much less catalog.

Nonetheless, this topic is on my future-post list and one day soon I expect you'll see my take.

For now, I urge you to check out her post - and site - because it's a treat.

As a fun sidenote: I'm curious to learn, new and long-time readers, how well do you know my style? Why not guess which 2 (of Sophie's 10 basics) are the ones I don't gravitate towards on me. (Since there are only 2, I thought it would be a more chancey long-shot than to guess those on which she and I entirely concur.) Of course, it goes without saying that I love all of Sophie's choices on her. They are perfectly suited to her modern, sleek and urban look.


  1. Hrrm. This would be easier if you did outfit posts, you know. The only thing that's jumping out at me as something I can't quite picture you in is the button-down shirts, but since we don't really see your work wardrobe, I could just have missed the boat ;).

    Hmm, now I'm wondering if I could even come up with 10 different essentials. Jeans... knit tops... sweaters/ funky coats/jackets... that's about it for "essentials". Everything else is fun and stunt-pieces.

  2. I'm going to guess button downs and fur. Haven't been following long enough to really feel confident in my answers though.

  3. Hi, I think it is button down shirts and loud prints; i don't associate either of these items with you even though we do not actually see OOTD. I think of you as not-buttoned-down in any sort of way and this style is often uncomfortable for fuller chests, either simply not flattering or hard to find in proper proportions. As for loud, I don't see that happening in your closet either!

  4. Stripes and loud prints?

    This is a hard one.

  5. I would think you would have trouble with both button downs and a classic trench.

  6. OK - I hear you Taran. You called it on the button downs. The other was the trench.

    CGC: Buttondowns, yes. Fur - alas, fur is my secret weapon. Love it. :-)

    Margaret: Seems I'm not a button down girl in anyone's estimation! You're so right about it being bad with the boobs. I'm not much into loud, but I do love patterns.

    Susan: I'm a little "quieter" but leopard has a rightful place in this girl's closet :-)

    Mardel: You know me so well!! xo