Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Cake

Photo courtesy of Jason Sparks

Here's that yellow cake with pink cream cheese icing I promised to reveal. Don't you think it's girly-birthday, homemade goodness?? And it really tasted awesome, I'll have you know.

What's your fave birthday cake ever?

Update: I'm am gradually responding to all of your comments from the past couple of weeks and I have to tell you how enjoyable it is to re-read them! What amazing friends you are. Thanks for writing to express your thoughts and I'm sorry it's taken so long for response.


  1. It is very girly! I must admit to a bit of relief when Tyo swore off pink and girly a couple of years ago...

    That icing sounds soo yummy... I am an icing person rather than a cake person (really most quickbreads don't do it for me...). My cake of choice would probably be a Blizzard cake from DQ, although there's some cheesecake out there that comes close. Gourmand I am not, I fear...

  2. Elle: I've never heard of that. I have to look it up.

    T: The icing is amazing - and I don't even like icing. The DQ cake sound awesome. I love Baskin Robbin's ice cream cake.

  3. The cake is indeed girly! Love it. My favorite cake is German chocolate.

  4. I love all cakes. I could live on cake alone!

  5. Susan: That's my least fave! I just don't like cake with jam.

    Wendy: Then you live in the right city. I saw some AWESOME cake in NYC. It was all 4 tiered and moist and gorgeously iced.

  6. To be my favorite cakes, there's only two things I request NOT be on them. That sickly sweet frosting they use on storebought cakes and coconut. I hate coconut.

  7. CGC: I hear you on store bought frosting. But I LOVE coconut!