Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Sencha Blouse

Today it is so utterly gloomy and fall-like that there's barely any light to take photos with. Well, at this hour it's completely dark, but when I took these it was all flash, all the time.

I am not one of those people who revels in the grey, damp. I don't find it moody, so much as suicide-inducing. I'll take sun any day of the week - every day. I don't much care if it's cold as fuck, but rain and darkness just drives me insane.

Fortunately, I've had the Sencha blouse project to level me out:

As you know I did front version 3 (keyhole neck), and my initial idea was to make the back in version 1 (2 snaps and the rest hand sewn).

When I got started on the snaps, I was so thrilled with them that I decided the entire back would have to get snapped.

The Snap Setter is really a useful tool - and very affordable / storable. I got some fantastic customer service when I called one day to ask about a thousand questions including, does this thing actually work or is it a total gimmick? Look, the Canadian shipping fee was not negligible (what else is new) and I didn't want to waste my time.

In the past, I bought another version of a snap stamper, which I promptly returned because it was useless... Is the Snap Setter time consuming? Well, no more so than sewing button holes! And you get to use a hammer...

The Sencha pattern is a joy to sew. I don't know that I'd call it Beginner, to be honest, though, when you know nothing - as I remember from very recently - everything is equally impossible. I did interface the centre back, and I'm glad, cuz even those little sz 16 snaps are heavy when you do 7 of them.

Look at these gorgeous tucks:

Isn't the facing pretty?? (I mean, how often do you find me showing you the garment interior for kicks??)

And here's a shot of the interior sleeve:

The exterior hemming was done by hand, fyi, so it's undetectable from the right side of the garment.

The bad news is that this thing is too big. Not outrageously too big - I mean, I'll wear it soon and I intend to pair it with this:

Seriously, how handmade-cute will that outfit be?

I'm going to make the next version in a size 6. Note to those who intend to sew this - the finished product fits roomily. Also - and it would be so good if I paid attention to detail at the pivotal moments - there's a useful table on the pattern cover that actually tells you the dimensions of the finished garment. Oh well, you live, you learn.

Nonetheless, I'm thrilled with this top. It is so flattering on a woman with breasts - and so relatively easy (esp. given that it's made in a woven) because most large-breasted women will not need to do a full bust adjustment. I actually think it would be harder to work this without big tits than with - and how often does that happen (we who know about clothing and fit and why models are flat as a board)??

Anyhow, that's my review. Whatcha think??


  1. I LOVE the snap idea! I never would have thought of that. I just love sewing blogs. ;)

  2. Your outfit is classy gorgeous. I've got to get that Sencha pattern. Oh, and I see that you are going to be interviewed for Sewing Spaces - congrats!

  3. I feel your Seasonal Affect Disorder! Blech.

  4. I think is simply MAdMen chic. I can so see Joan in this outfit( and she has good sized breasts;-). Can't wait to see it on you!

  5. That blouse is great! and together with the skirt? really sophisticated and you can say, "Why this? Thank you, I made it myself . . . "

  6. I LOVE blouse, and the fabric you chose. Please take a picture of you wearing it.

  7. Sewn: I love it too! Snaps are so fun by comparison to buttons, which I loathe the thought of!

    Faye: I'm so excited to be on sewing spaces. And you have to get the Sencha pattern. It's very clear. After the Lady Grey, it will seem like a piece of cake.

    Wendy: It's out of control.

    Bel: It *is* v Mad Men. I didn't think of that, stupidly! And it works in just that Joan sort of way.

    Mater: In fact, I spent all day yesterday saying just that. Whether people commented on the garments or not :-)

    Susan, I will. The challenge is getting Scott to have time to snap in the mornings as we're getting ready for work and school...

  8. Gorgeous!

    And I adore the snap setter! Oh I want to sew something up just so I can put snaps in it.

  9. M: Do you have one?! I love that thing. It's totally low-tech but it works so well! I keep buying snaps like a nutcase. And the shipping isn't cheap :-)