Friday, November 26, 2010

Don't Do It

There's an argument to be made, given my compulsiveness, that I do not "relax" unless some stronger force compels me. It's a kind of beating me at my own game philosophy. Emphasis on the word "beating".

For example, my idea of a sick day is to (between hacking away and feeling like death) do laundry and organize my papers and cut out a pattern. I know I should be lying down, watching Netflix, but I can't budge the thought that I'm wasting time.

It's incredibly strange, therefore, to be lying here doing utterly nothing (except the occasional time-sensitive work item and reading blogs and talking on the phone, which in my world is nothing).

Here are the things I feel I should be doing today:
  • Putting away the overflowing basket of clean laundry. It is taunting me with its messiness.
  • Making cookies. I'm really wanting cookies.
  • Doing some yoga - even if it's mega-restorative/therapeutic for the foot yoga only, it's necessary action.
  • Cleaning up M's room, which is like Satan's rumpus pad of hoarded tchotchkes and crap.
  • Tracing the pants pattern for V1166.
  • Cutting out the fabric for V1166 and another one of V8634.
  • Making some more Xmas present circle scarves. I've got 3 of these lined up.
Here's what I'm actually doing:
  • Lying in bed blogging and reading blogs. (Why is it US Thanksgiving? - all my bloggers are eating instead of blogging!)
  • Wishing Scott would finish his teleconference upstairs so he could help me get to the washroom. No dignity peeps.
  • Wondering what I'm going to eat next.
  • Considering how I haven't had a shower since Wed. and it's disgusting. I suppose I could take a bath but I loathe baths. I feel taking a bath is like soaking in your own dirt. Which is better than being dry and grimy, how exactly? Fact is, I have no interest in figuring out how I will get into and out of the bathtub.
In truth though, it is rather relaxing.

Update: I took a modified shower which involved a make-shift step stool (an old toys bucket of M's) and Scott holding the shower head. Talk about undignified. Oy. On the plus side, I'm clean. But the shower is a veritable death trap when you've got an injury - it's all hard, pointy, wet surfaces. On the way out I fell over onto the ankle - exceeding briefly - but it was SO painful. Icing it again and lying on the couch. You know, I woke up (after 13 hours) at 11 am this morning. It's 2:15 and I can barely keep my eyes open. Oh, and I'm totally beyond hungry. And not just for fun food. I can't see how inactivity and consumption are a good combo. The only thing I can come up with is that I must be expending more energy hopping (and crawling) around than I think I am.


  1. I'm loving your day!
    And I totally relate to your issue with "relaxing." Why is it that we feel we're not accomplishing enough if we're not working 24/7??

  2. Being like you....I blogged during Thanksgiving!

  3. I work harder when I'm sick than I do when I'm's like I feel guilty or something and have to make up for lost time? I don't know. Sorry to hear about your accident, but at least it's somewhat minor (lack of showering and dignity notwithstanding). Rest up, and get well soon!

  4. Stacy: Something tells me you didn't read the post before this one - or you wouldn't be loving my day. Or maybe you would - just not loving the injury element of my day :-)

    Wendy: Keeps us sane, huh?

    CGC: It's so true. The minute I have 3 seconds to rest I start thinking about all the things I've been avoiding cuz I've been, otherwise, too busy!

  5. It sounds awful. In my household, Martin is the injured party. He suffered a 2nd gout attack the day after Thanksgiving (the first one happened about a year ago) and was completely laid up all weekend. So I've been busy taking care of house, kitties and Martin while he's been laying in bed feeling helpless!

    Also, we decided to get radical about food -- to try a vegan diet -- so I've been busy getting rid of Thanksgiving leftovers, buying vegan cookbooks, and making vegan recipes. It will be a challenge to follow this diet 100%, but it seems, from what we've read, that vegans don't get gout and gout sufferers who switch to vegan have had success.

    So that's why I haven't been reading blogs :-)

    I wish you a speedy recovery.

  6. Susan: Martin has my sympathies - that sounds awful. For both of you! I don't think I could do the vegan thing. I mean, maybe if health mandated it, but it does seem very restrictive based on my love of animal products :-)

  7. Do you mean to tell me that "rest" doesn't include all those things you listed? Oh dear.

    The hardest part of being laid up with an injury for me is fretting about all the things I should, could, or wish I would be doing. I know you are better now, but hugs anyway.