Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Promises, Promises

Hey Ya'll: I was away for work over the last couple of days so I only just had a chance to take outfit photos of the new coat (here's hoping some of them are actually good...) and I will post them this evening.

There's nothing like wearing a new coat to point out its fit idiosyncracies. Turns out, I'm not quite finished - I have to put a snap at the inner lower corner of the lapel because the fabric I used is too heavy given the position of the buttons. I can't make the buttons any snugger given the line of the coat. This thing is a little big, lending credibility to my claim that, if you want to make a perfectly fitting garment you need to actually make it in the final fabric twice. Muslin is a coarse substitute, IMO.

Anyway, I'll give you my many thoughts about the finished product in the photo post later.


  1. I can't wait!!!! Get to shooting. I want to see that coat.:-)

  2. I often wear jewelry and then change it based on what I've learned from wearing it.

  3. Looking forward to the fabulous coat photos!

  4. Y'all must just be grateful that you won't hear the complaining (about this) for much longer :-)

    Wendy: I hear you about that. I guess it's a smart way to beta test.