Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OK, This is Just Whack


Photo: Fashionista. You should read the article about this one piece monstrosity here.

I don't know what's weirder: that Scandanavians came up with this (I have a secret prejudice that posits all things Swedish are perfect) or that it's actually taken off in England.

Let me give you my feedback straight. Unless you're into plushie play, just say no. Actually, even if you are into plushie play, there are ways to dress for it more flatteringly.


  1. Yoiks. Whack indeed.

  2. Nothing like having to strip all your clothes off every time you need to use the bathroom. *eek*

  3. I wouldn't be seen dead in it outside the house, but it looks so nice and cozy....I would wear it at home and not admit to owning one:)

  4. When I moved to Chicago my mother bought me a fleece jumpsuit that looked VERY much like that. I hate to tell you while it is EXTREMELY unattractive it was highly warm and cozy. Now I can count on you that no one else will never know that I owned and wore such a monstrosity.

  5. LOL! Wow, that's not doing anything for her figure. The crotch on that thing looks horrendous!

  6. It's ugly, but I would sleep in one. It's getting cold.

  7. Would look good with a plasticky mask, like old-time Halloween costumes always had.

  8. It does look so comfy though... hehe.

  9. Sal: It's practically tragic.

    CGCouture: That is exactly what I thought!!

    Chaos: You are very brave for admitting that :-)

    Bel: I think we know each other well enough that I can say "WTF!?" :-)

    Victoria: And I bet it feels like cotton balls - a texture that makes me cringe.

    Raven: And you were on my case about the Doreen bra??? :-)

    Wendy: That is it's only viable reason for existence, IMO.

    Sewn: I mean, my friends have told me when I'm lounging at home I do regrettably believable "homeless chic" but really, this thing is out of control! I need to look at the photo again. I can't remember if it comes with feet.

  10. Every now and then some variation of this think crops up under the tree at Christmas -- a gift from some well meaning relative. I just wore the last one to scrub the bathroom and bedroom because I got home and the house was cold, and I didn't care if I threw it out afterward.

  11. You can buy these in Pennys - for MEN!

    I would say that I don't want to meet anyone who thinks this is okay but I did on Halloween. gah

  12. Mardel: And you continue to prove my point! :-)

    L: That is horrifying x10. That is all.