Friday, November 19, 2010


I just discovered this lovely blog, by a Canadian sewist who makes the most delightful lingerie sets.

She even has an Etsy shop.

Don't you know someone who could use a beautiful gift like this for Xmas? (Hint: It's ok if that someone is you.)


  1. ooh, this is so cute! i can't wait to see more!!! checking out her shop NOW!

  2. One should not have a glass a port as they read blogs. You know why? I read "by a Canadian sexist" and not "by a Canadian sewist". I hope *someone* gives you a beautiful gift like this.

  3. They are so pretty, my girls would love a set like this x

  4. Ladies: Aren't these great? If you purchase, let me know! And Bel, you are just not drinking enough!