Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Give a Little / Get a Little

This year I could add an entirely new, super-long gift giving/getting category to archive - that of sewing-paraphernalia - but I don't want to torture my non-sewist readers unduly.

I'll just mention a couple of things:

Thing I really want to receive: A made-to-measure dress form. These cost a bundle and I haven't been able to figure out where to procure one in Toronto. So if anyone knows, please advise! I don't actually expect anyone to buy this for me (unless you're feeling generous :-)) though I'd love to buy one as a gift to myself. The serger is paid off now. (OMG, don't get me started on that thing. I'm going to have to write a whole new post / love poem to that thing because it is FREAKIN' FANTASTIC!) I should be eying the next sewing debt, no?

Thing a fairly novice sewist could easily make and give: And just cuz it's easy, doesn't mean it isn't totally impressive... Recently I talked about the November Vogue Patterns issue, inasmuch as I want to make the jacket on the front cover (it recently arrived, fyi). What I didn't mention is that there's a"free pattern" inside - which is to say, 3 little drawings and a column of instructions. It's to make circle scarves (I think of them as snoods you wear around your neck).

Tonight I made 2 of them out of fabric surplus - note, anyone who has 24" x 70" of leftover fabric deserves an award (and I think Carolyn is destined to win). I've been using my own variation on the rectangular dimensions and it's going fine, but since I usually buy the amount required to make a garment plus a smidge, I'm a bit SOL. I can see I'm going to have to start adding a bit extra onto my fabric purchases - or just bite the bullet and buy some fabric specifically for scarves. Maybe, in time, I'll show you the ones I've completed, but since they are gifts, it could be counter-productive.

Not to get all lovey about the serger again but, if you have one, the scarf project goes by in a flash. It takes about 10 minutes to cut the rectangle pattern, 10 minutes of serging and 10 minutes of finishing by hand-sewing. And it looks so great when you're done.

I'd like to tell you what hand stitch I used in the finishing (tucking in the raw edges on each side and stitching them together), but I have no idea what it's called. I also don't know if I worked it left-handed or right-handed. (The lefty sewing book arrived and just managed to confuse my brain further.) What I can tell you is that the stitch is invisible because it's taken on the inside edge below the fabric fold on each side. Anyone have a name for that?

On a side note: I got a real kick out of the fact that Kathy Marrone, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Patterns, left me a comment recently. I wonder if she is frequently confused for the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue? That would be the substance of an amusing sitcom.


  1. First, I've never been confused with the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue...a.k.a. Anna Wintor. (That is actually hilarious.)
    Second, I believe the hand stitch you used is the Blind Stitch, but since I can actually seen what you've done, I'm only assuming. (No pun intended.)
    Last, I hope you'll share photos of your circle scarves with us at Vogue Patterns. We'd love to see them.

  2. HOW COOL ^^^^^!! You are famous! I hope sewing Santa brings you all your heart desires.

  3. I'm curious to see these circular scarves, and would love to know how you tie them.

  4. Kathy is probably right about the blind stitch. And honey, I am jealous of your serger! I don't even have one :) Waiting for more photos of your stuff!

  5. Oh yeah, dress forms are expensive! Stacy Lomman has a good dress form story.

  6. Kathy: I'm almost starting to think you read my blog :-) And for having a sense of humour! I think it is the blind stitch. Thanks for helping me to find the name. I will post the great circle scarves soon.

    Bel: I do feel kind of famous :-)

    Stacy: You deserve a great serger. When I get rich I'm buying you one! Unless you get rich first.

    Wendy: Stacy has to write about that.