Thursday, November 11, 2010

Barbie Like You've Never Seen Her

My child made the creepiest Halloween Barbie in a Box evah! I so wish I had a photo of the kid actually in the box - which said amazing things like "Now with Brains" and "Comes with Free Hand (Bag)". You'll just have to content yourself with a couple of photos of her scary-ass make up! (Note: She went trick-or-treating in another neighbourhood with friends and had to take the subway to get there. The box was way to big to wear on public transit, so she brought it with her, on the side.)


  1. She defies my instinct to respond to a pic of someone's kid as "cute"! Obviously gorgeous, she radiates self-possession and intelligence. Not even in her teens yet, right? Scary fun ahead, I'd say! And I'm not talking about Halloween. . .

  2. What a creative lady! Know where she gets it from, too.

  3. I have not the words for the awesomeness that is your child!

  4. She's got the Barbie blank stare down pat.

  5. Even beyond the scary scars and deadly complexion---I see an incredibly beautiful and thoughtful girl. You have to be soooooo proud!

  6. I LOVE this girl! She didn't do Brittany Spears or some stupid get-up like that! Thinking outside the box (the Barbie box!). So cool. So cute too! --- who was Ken? :)

  7. Mater: Don't think I haven't considered that :-)
    Thanks for your comment...

    Sal: While I'd like to take all the credit, S helped her to put the box together. The makeup, though, my mastermind!

    Monkey: Scary adorable :-)

    Shallow: So glad you like our handiwork!!

    Susan: I KNOW!

    Bel: Thank you. I am very proud.

    Wendy: HILARIOUS! That's just what I thought. And that movie freaks me out.

    Stacy: No Ken as yet, thank you! I should mention that, at first, she wanted to go as Lady Gaga.

    Lisa: Do not adjust your monitor :-)

  8. What a gorgeous, sassy, intelligent girl who is already testing the norms. Of course it is not a surprise considering her mum.

    I agree with Mater, fun times ahead! but you should be so proud.